Automatic Basket Loaders

AMF's fully-automated basket loading systems incorporate a variety of robotic loading technologies including articulating arm, gantry or pick and place robots for the most gentle product handling. Recipe-management systems allow for easy product changeover with multiple pattern configurations. Automated basket loaders are best integrated with AMF's complete basket handling systems to provide the most efficient post-packaging operation.


Product order codes or graphic representations can be used to specify product patterns for quick and easy changeover. Automated basket loaders incorporate over 30 pre-programmed patterns for easy operation and training.


A variety of layout configurations ensure simple integration into your bakery process with operator interfaces easily accessed from either side of the machine.


Articulating Arm Basket and Case Loader

Providing maximum flexibility in post-packaging layout configurations, the Articulating Arm Robot gently picks and places packaged product into baskets, trays or corrugate.

Product Orientor Loader

Using quiet, servo driven movements, the Product Orientor Loader gently places packaged bread and roll products into baskets or trays.

Versaloader Robotic Product Loader

Gantry style robotic basket loading allows for higher loading speeds on a wide variety of configurations.