Automatic Basket Tray Stacking

Automated Basket Stacking Systems handle up to 28 baskets per minute with higher rates achievable when incorporating a Pre-Stacker. A variety of configurations and layouts offer one complete solution for basket handling while reducing manual labor and ensuring maximum reliability.


With a continuous, fully-automated basket handling system, you can consistently stack and convey up to 28 baskets per minute. This fully automated system helps to reduce labor costs while improving plant safety.


Servo-driven stacking technology offers the smoothest operation along the basket handling line. Intuitive touchscreen displays enable easy recipe-change or basket-driven changeover.


Bottom-Up Basket Stacker

Accurate, consistent and automated stacking up to 28 baskets per minute for all types of baskets.

Servo Bottom-Up Basket Stacker

Servo-technology automatically stacks up to 28 baskets per minute with ergonomic, user-friendly design and 50% less parts.


For consistent accuracy in post-packaging automation, AMF's Palletizer efficiently loads stacks of baskets onto pallets with a variety of loading patterns.