Automatic Basket Tray Unstacking

Efficient Basket Unstacking, Denesting, and Orientating offer one complete solution for basket handling while reducing manual labor.


With a continuous, fully-automated basket handling system, you can consistently unstack and convey up to 40 baskets per minute. This fully automated system helps to reduce labor costs while improving plant safety.


Servo-driven life and separation system incorporates the servo-controlled denester for the smoothest operation along the basket handling line. Intuitive touchscreen displays enable easy recipe-change or basket-driven changeover.


Bottom-Out Basket Unstacker

Accurate, consistent unstacking up to 40 baskets per minute for standard nested or cross-nested baskets.

Basket Denester

Servo technology automatically separates cross-nested baskets after being discharged from an AMF Bottom-Out Basket Unstacker, up to 34 baskets per minute.

Basket Orientor

Following AMF's Basket Denester, the Basket Orientor turns every other previously cross-nested basket to maintain a single-direction flow.

Plastic Tray Unstacker

Automatically unstacks plastic shipping trays to feed product loaders. Self-monitoring system prevents doubles or damaged trays from entering the system.