Bun and Roll Dividers

AMF’s automated bun and roll dividers portion dough accurately and efficiently with the most sanitary, easy access designs available. New generation extrusion technology provides the most excellent scaling in the industry. Gentle volumetric dividers feature improved designs for extended machine life and more precise scaling.

Most accurate scaling available

Our new generation extrusion divider designs allow for outstanding scaling accuracy over the life of the divider - 15 years or more! Better scaling than any conventional divider, the Flex Dividers result in increased production yield with 1% accuracy and virtually no operator adjustments required.

Superior Product Flexibility

User-friendly, recipe-driven technology provides adjustable, precision dividing with quick product changeover for a wide variety of dough.


HBDFlex Divider

Simple, low-pressure extrusion divider produces more consistent product with outstanding scaling accuracy and improved line efficiency.

RollFlex Divider

Small footprint extrusion divider featuring ultra low-shear metering ensures product consistency with unmatched product flexibility.

High Speed Bun Divider

Vector extrusion divider decreases dough shear for optimal dough consistency and quality with the highest speed production.

K-Head Divider

Gentle, volumetric bun, roll and muffin dividing with improved design for extended machine life.

Accumax Roll Divider

Soft roll extrusion bun divider with built-in developer for improved product consistency and scaling.

K-Roll Plus Divider

Dual oil pump with venturi vacuum system for dividing 9,600 to 36,000 pph.

Bun and Roll Belt Rounder

Continuous, sanitary belt rounding for bun and roll production. Available with chilled rounder bed.