Dough Distribution

Automated Dough Distribution Systems provide efficient movement and handling of raw dough to meet the highest production demands and sanitation standards. Our dough handling equipment includes: custom Dough Conveyors, Dough Pumps, Dough Chunkers, and Dough Feeders for a variety of dough types.

Seamless integration

Custom-configured to meet your production line requirements, our Dough Distribution Systems are fully automated with user-friendly, integrated controls for smooth transfer and easy operation from mixer to make-up system.

Sanitary Design

All Dough Distribution Systems are constructed with sanitary framework design for efficient, total wash-down with reduced labor.


Raw Dough Conveyor

Automated dough delivery from mixer to divider, available in 8" to 60" belt widths.

Model U2 Dough Pump

Regulates the delivery and flow of dough, available in a wide variety of hopper and drive sizes.

Rotary Dough Chunker and Feeder

Sanitary dough elevator with gentle rotary blade portions and transfers dough up to 30,000 lbs per hour.

Series 'IV' Z Dough Pump

Simple, low cost pump feeding a continuous flow of dough to downstream processes.