English Muffin Systems

AMF Bakery Systems offers complete system solutions for a variety of English muffins, crumpets, and other griddle cake products. Producing the highest quality solutions for production rates of 6,000 to 26,000 unites per hour, our team works closely with yours to create custom-configured muffin production lines offering improved efficiency and unmatched reliability. Through an exclusive partnership with Sugden Ltd., AMF incorporates the proven performance of Sugden's leading proofer and griddle solutions. Together, AMF and Sugden offer a total solution for English muffin production to bakers worldwide with custom configurations to facilitate future product innovations.


AMF's MuffinFlex Divider and Rounder incorporates the proprietary FLEX metering pumps to control throughput with no operator adjustments required. Recipe-controlled dough developed and chilled rounder bed maintain efficiency for consistent dough quality.


Product is directly transferred from a sanitary, fully-conditioned walk-in proofer to the Sugden Griddle with Super Burners to reduce energy consumption by up to 20%. Griddle is equipped with individual servo drives on all three griddle decks with an optional corn extraction system.


MuffinFlex Divider and Rounder

New generation extrusion divider offering unmatched scaling accuracy +/- 1 gram.

Sugden Proofer and Griddle

Servo-driven walk-in proofer ensures the easiest sanitation and maintenance. Product is directly transferred from Proofer to fully-insulated Griddle.