Fermentation Rooms

Automated Fermentation Rooms are custom designed to provide superior quality control when conditioning dough to meet specific production requirements. Leading the process, a sponge dough is discharged from the sponge mixer into a trough. This trough is then pulled into the inlet row of the room. Shortly after, a trough is ejected from the outlet row to continue along the production line for further processing. Manual fermentation is also available for lower capacity APEX lines.

Reduced Labor

The semi-automatic or automatic configurations improve product quality while reducing chance of injury. Semi-Automatic Fermentation Rooms allow the operator to manually move the trough from the sponge mixer to the inlet row carrier. Once the trough is ejected, the operator then moves the trough manually to its hoist cradle and back to the sponge mixer. In the Fully-Automated Fermentation Rooms, trough movement between the mixers, hoist and the room is mechanized and automatically controlled. The sponge mixer, final dough mixers and hoist are located closer to the room.

Complete Dough Control

Fermentation Rooms may come equipped with degassing bars providing complete containment of the dough within each trough. Pre-programmed cycle times allow for superior quality control.


Fully-Automated Fermentation Room

Fully-automated or semi-automated trough handling through a heat, humidity and cooling conditioning unit.