Horizontal and Vertical Mixers

With over 50 years of experience in mixing innovation, our complete line of AMF Mixers offers maximum flexibility for a variety of dough types. Offering Enclosed and Open Frame designs, our Triple Roller Bar, Y-T Agitator and Sigma Arm Agitator options are available in a wide range of batch sizes.


DuraBowl™ mixer bowl design reinforces the overall balance and stability of AMF mixers. Strategically placed bowl support bands provide maximum strength with minimum deflection. This improved distribution of stress significantly increases the life of AMF mixer bowls. With 40% fewer welds than other mixer models, AMF's mixer designs greatly reduce the risk of leaks. DuraBowl™ is available on AMF's Open Frame Mixer, Sigma Open Frame Mixer, Offset Tilt Bowl Mixer, and Tilt Bowl Mixer.


Patented Dough Guardian technology simplifies the control of your dough parameters for efficient problem solving and process improvement. It tracks dough and glycol temperature, energy usage, and water temperature, among other essential variables for real-time process adjustments providing the most consistent, quality product.


Triple Roller Bar Mixers

Open Frame Mixer

Triple Roller Bar Design featuring the most sanitary frame available. Available for 1,000 to 3,200 lb capacities.

Offset Tilt Bowl Mixer

The most robust enclosed frame and bowl design with 140° horizontal tilt bowl for automated dough discharge. Triple Roller Bar Agitator for 800 to 3,200 lb capacities.

Tilt Bowl Mixer

The most robust enclosed frame and bowl design with a standard 120° horizontal tilt. Triple Roller Bar Agitator for 800 to 3,200 lb capacities.

APEX Direct Drive Mixer

Best value, hybrid frame design, this offset tilt bowl mixer is equipped with Triple Roller Bar Agitator up to 1,000 lb. capacities.

Continuous Mixer

In partnership with Reading Bakery Systems, AMF introduces Continuous Mixing for more efficient, consistent bun and roll production.

Glen 340 Mixer

Planetary style bowl mixer for pharmaceuticals and other specialty mixing up to 85 gallon capacity.

Sigma Arm Mixers

Sigma Open Frame Mixer

For maximum product flexibility and simple sanitation featuring a Sigma Arm for cookies, crackers, pet foods, and other stiff dough from 1,200 to 4,000 lbs.

Direct Open Frame Mixer

For maximum product flexibility, the Direct Drive Sigma Arm is used for low capacity production of cookies, crackers, and stiff dough up to 1,000 lbs.

APEX Sigma Mixer

Best value engineering design equipped with Sigma Arm Agitator for maximum product flexibility up to 1,000 lb. capacities.