Unison™ Specialty Bread and Roll Lines

Unison™ Specialty Bread and Roll Lines operate parallel to AMF's high-speed bread and bun lines. Incorporating proven sheeting and hard roll dividing technology, the Unison™ solutions will increase your profitability by capitalizing on your existing AMF line. From premium breads to artisan rolls, Unison™ offers you unmatched line flexibility to facilitate your future product innovations.


Integrating sheeting technology into your AMF Bread or Bun System allows you to grow your product portfolio from standard bread and buns to swirl bread, baguettes, focaccia, flatbreads, fruited breads, hard rolls, or ciabatta. The options for extending your production line are seemingly endless with the most efficient changeover between products.


With common AMF controls across your entire production line, you can easily pinpoint and resolve potential disruptions in production.


Unison™ Open Grain Divider

Interchangeable division boxes, 3-row to 10-row for hard roll type products up to 30,000/hour output.