Spiral Coolers

AMF's custom-configured Spiral Coolers are suitable for conveying a variety of product types and product applications. Designed with high operating efficiency at minimum power requirements, our product cooling options provide optimal product control and orientation to effectively protect your profits.


AMF's newest Spiral Conveyors are custom-configured with the most sanitary, modular design elements for a variety of product applications. From intermediate dough proofing, product proofing, product cooling, and product freezing, the DirectDrive™ System technology eliminates the movement of product on the belt to minimize potential jams.

Improved Product Control and Orientation

Engineered with Intralox Direct-Drive™ System Technology, AMF's Spiral Conveyors reduce and stabilize tension in the system for superior control on product orientation.


Spiral Conveyor

High operating efficiency using Intralox Direct-Drive™ Technology for various applications including dough ball intermediate proofing, product proofing, cooling, and freezing.

Side Drive Conveyor

Custom-configured cooling using Side Drive technology for a variety of specialty product types.

Belt Washer and Dryer

Small footprint design for sanitation of plastic modular belting on AMF's Spiral Conveyor and Side Drive Conveyor.

APEX Spiral Cooler

Best value engineering, the APEX Spiral Cooler incorporates the same sanitary design standards as AMF's Spiral Conveyor for semi-automated bakeries.