Tortilla Systems

From AMF's complete mixing process, tortilla dough can be divided and rounded on a seamless Tortilla Make-Up System. Accurately proportioned dough balls are fed to a patented, concave rounder bed offering long, continuous runs without downtime.


AMF's Tortilla Systems eliminate the need for dividing oil and dusting flour to reduce operating and sanitation costs while providing a cleaner, healthier operating environment.


AMF's low maintenance, rotary divider design incorporates highly efficient, electric gearmotors to eliminate the maintenance and sanitation issues of hydraulic drive systems. Continuous operation reduces changeover time and maintenance.


KX-T Tortilla Divider and Rounder

Single auger precision scaling dividing and rounding for tortilla, frozen, and hard roll dough.

Tortilla Divider and Rounder Systems

Extrusion flour tortilla divider and rounder reduces maintenance and improves scaling performance.

Intermediate Proofer

Intermediate proofing for tortilla type products.