Den Boer Tunnel Ovens

In partnership with Tromp Group, AMF introduces pre-assembled, modular Den Boer tunnel oven designs with independent zone control for more precise temperature control over a wide variety of products. The result of over 100 years of proven performance in baking innovation, Den Boer Tunnel Ovens ensure perfect control of your baking process


The most striking aspect of the Den Boer Tunnel Oven is its modular design. With four variations, the pre-assembled modules enable a faster turnaround time for delivery and a quicker start-up. The flexibility of the pre-assembled modules allow you to grow your baking options as you continue to expand your product portfolio.


The Den Boer Multibake® line offers an optimum price to quality ratio with independent zone control to ensure optimal control throughout the baking process. Den Boer Tunnel Ovens are engineered with the experience of both engineering and process control for maximum reliability.


Den Boer Multibake® D

Direct-Fired Tunnel Oven incorporates modulating, multi-ribbon gas burners with an electronic air valve to prevent cold air flow inside the oven.

Den Boer Multibake® R

Indirect-Fired Tunnel Oven designed with heat wheel system using central burners outside the baking area to transfer heat via radiator tubes.

Den Boer Multibake® I

Indirect-Fired (Impingement) Tunnel Oven uses industrial burner coupled to a stainless steel heat exchange to both upper and lower side of product.

Den Boer Multibake® H

Hybrid design comprising multiple oven types into a single oven unit. Any combination of D, I, R or HT modules can be assembled for the perfect design.