Washing and Drying Solutions

Basket Washing and Dry Trash Removal Systems

Custom-configured to your specific basket washing and drying specifications, our complete Basket Washing Systems are engineered for outstanding function, performance, reliability and resource conservation.


AMF's basket washing and drying systems can be configured to meet a variety of layout configurations. Baskets of variable sizes can be accommodated from production rates of 20 baskets per minute to 80 baskets per minute.

Improved Resource Conservation

These basket washing solutions incorporate either traditional heated drying modules or non-heated detergent wash, cold rinse with “high velocity” drying section. To maximize the efficiency of the drying module, the air is recirculated through stainless steel plenums. Stainless steel moisture eliminates incorporated in the plenums rid the recirculated air of any excess moisture while reducing overall energy usage.


Dry Trash Removal System

Flip 'S' style, horizontal and vacuum configurations to remove trash and debris prior to sanitation.

High Pressure Spray Basket Washing System

Efficient wash and rinse system with single and dual tunnel options for a variety of basket sizes.