add-s bread system layout

Flex Bread Makeup Systems

For Soft & Seeded Bread Production

AMF’s Flex Bread Make-up Systems offer the most efficient dough dividing, rounding, sheeting, moulding, and panning solutions available for soft bread production. Expect consistently superior quality and production that can reach up to 13,500 loaves per hour. Plus, the system is engineered to the highest hygienic design standards that provide simple sanitation and easy-access maintenance.


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ADD-S Bread System Features

AMF’s ADD-S Bread System delivers the most advanced, automated flexibility you need to handle a wide range of doughs. The highest speed bread system available is engineered to the highest sanitary design standards and built for easy access maintenance. AMF’s ADD-S Bread System sets the world standard for bread production.

add-s divider

ADD-S Bread Divider

Offered with single or multiple metering pumps, the vector extrusion technology improves product uniformity and scaling, increases efficiency and yield, and decreases food waste.

gram check weigher

Gram Saver Checkweigher System

Offers immediate weight control taken just after rounding, which is then fed back into the divider for automatic scaling adjustments

flouring belt

Flouring Belt

Used to help process sticky doughs that cannot be moulded without dusting flour, it efficiently adds a light coating of flour to each dough piece to assist downstream processing.

seed enrober

Seed Enrober

The included seed enrober ensures proper, even seed coverage for soft breads, and the spare seed hopper helps reduce seed waste

add-s divider
gram check weigher
flouring belt
seed enrober

ADD-S High-Speed Bread Makeup Systems

Maximize your bakery’s output with AMF Bakery Systems’ high-speed bread production solutions, capable of producing up to 13,500 loaves per hour.

What’s New at AMF Flex


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