Flex Bun Makeup Systems

For Soft Bun and Roll Production

AMF’s Flex Bun Make-up Systems have been setting the standard for bun and roll production around the world for nearly a century. With the precision of AMF’s Flex extrusion dividers and certified, hygienic equipment designs, bakers achieve unparalleled product quality and simple operation. Boost your production capacity up to 72,000 buns or rolls per hour per makeup line with our seamless system solutions.


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HBDFlex Accupan Bun System Features

AMF’s HBDFlex Accupan Bun System delivers the most advanced, automated flexibility you need to handle a wide range of doughs. As the highest speed bun system available, this technology offers unmatched scaling accuracy and is engineered to the highest sanitary design standards. AMF’s Accupan Bun System has been the world’s leading makeup solution for bun production for more than 30 years.

ventury style vacuum generator

Venturi-style Vacuum Generator

Strong, simple, efficient Venturi-style vacuum generator ensures efficient auger loading and degassing with minimal maintenance

continuous pan shaker

Continuous Pan Shaker

Continuous rotary motion pan shaker ensures precise pan placement.

recipe management system

Recipe-based Management System 

Operator interface-based recipe management system ensures automated, repeatable divider set-up with 1-button changeover 

stainless steel frame

Stainless Steel Frame

Stainless steel frame, hopper, and feed screw for maximum durability and easy cleaning

ventury style vacuum generator
continuous pan shaker
recipe management system
stainless steel frame

Accupan High Speed Bun Systems

AMF’s Accupan Bun Systems set the industry standard for bun and roll production. Featuring the latest FLEX Dividing Technology for improved line flexibility and the most accurate scaling available, AMF offers the optimal platform for future growth of your product portfolio.


What’s New at AMF Flex


In May, AMF Bakery Systems, its Tianjin teammates, and AMF executives from across the globe exhibited at Bakery China 2024. This year’s event brought together 2,200 exhibitors and 393,009 visitors to highlight the latest advancements in ingredients, equipment, packaging, and international baking solutions while providing a platform for innovation and collaboration. During this year’s show, […]

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