vesta spiral freezer

Vesta Spiral Freezer

The Spiral Freezer by AMF Vesta achieves the perfect freezing conditions with exceptional continuous air displacement, creating a cold, smooth, and uniform flow of air around each product.

Key benefits

  • Automatic defrost sequence — initiated one section at a time — allows for continuous operation.
  • Blast Freezing System provides quick and even product freezing.
  • Plastic modular belting mitigates potential jams or downstream process complications.
  • Low-friction rails for belting minimize energy consumption.
  • Optional internal drum access platform eases maintenance and sanitation.
  • Monopiece cage bar design offers efficient installation and improved access for cleaning and maintenance.
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Product Applications

English Muffins
Pecan Pie

The Vesta Spiral Freezer is suitable for freezing a wide variety of baked products, including:

  • Pizza
  • Pastries
  • English Muffins
  • Croissants
  • Pies
  • Soft Bread, Buns, & Rolls
  • Artisan Bread & Rolls
  • and more!

Spiral Freezer Equipment Features

The AMF Vesta Spiral Freezer incorporates the most sanitary design elements to meet the highest food processing cleaning standards. Its open channel design offers better cleanability, and the highly sanitary patented monopiece cage bar design offers efficient installation and improved access for cleaning and maintenance.

motorized arch conveyor belt

Exclusive motorized arch conveyor belt return system reduces belt tension and provides stable operation.

spiral open drum

Open drum for easy sanitation.

monopiece cage bar

AMF-patented monopiece cage bar.

motorized arch conveyor belt
spiral open drum
monopiece cage bar

Improved Air Movement & Automatic Defrost Sequence

Vesta Spiral Freezer Defrost Loop

The AMF Vesta Spiral Freezer defrost cycle helps prevent ice from building up and completely shutting down operations. Customized to meet your production needs, the automatic and distinct defrost cycle initiates heating elements one section at a time for optimal energy efficiency. Remaining operating coils guarantee an equal freezing flow to preserve products’ freezing quality, mitigate heat gain, and minimize temperature fluctuations. Melted frost is collected by related heated catch pan and drained outside the enclosure.

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