Products & Solutions


Dough Distribution

Automated Dough Distribution Systems provide efficient movement and handling of raw dough meeting the highest production demands and sanitation standards.

Fermentation Room

Automated Fermentation Rooms are custom designed to provide superior quality control when conditioning dough to meet specific production requirements.


With over 50 years of proven performance in mixing solutions, our complete line of AMF Mixers offers maximum flexibility for a variety of dough types.

Trough Systems

Dough Troughs and Trough Hoists are used to transfer dough throughout the fermentation process delivering developed dough to the mixer for final processing.

Bread Dividers

Achieve precision dough dividing, rounding and intermediate proofing for high-speed bread production featuring the industry's latest extrusion and volumetric dividing technology.

Bread Make-Up Systems

Multiple automated options available for sheeting, moulding and panning of pan baked bread producing up to 120 loaves per minute.

Bun and Roll Dividers

AMF's automated bun and roll dividers portion dough accurately and efficiently with the most sanitary, easy access designs available.

Bun and Roll Make-Up Systems

Accupan Bun Systems set the industry standard for bun and roll production from 400 dozen buns per hour to 6,200 dozen per hour.

Flour Management Systems

Flour Management Systems include uniform flouring of bread or bun dough pieces to prevent sticking for downstream operations.

English Muffin Systems

AMF Bakery Systems offers complete system solutions for a variety of English muffins, crumpets, and other griddle cake products.

Specialty Systems

From premium breads to artisan rolls, Unison™ offers you unmatched line flexibility to facilitate your future product innovations.

Pan Coolers

Pan Cooling Tunnels and Conveyors, Edge Pan Return Coolers, and Pan Flippers provide maximum design flexibility.

Pan Stackers and Unstackers

Precision pan handling ensures the most gentle stacking and unstacking motions to extend the life of your pans for reduced operating costs.

Product Depanners

Depanners are ideal for gentle, inline removal of bread, rolls, bagels, croissants, pizza, and other specialty products from pans with transfer to a product conveyor.

Dough Conveyors

AMF Bakery Systems provides custom configurations for dough conveying to accommodate a wide range of raw dough applications.

Pan and Product Conveyors

AMF offers a wide variety of conveyor designs for pans, lids, and baked products including transfer conveyors, switches, and diverters designed to efficiently deliver items to downstream operations.

Post-Packaging Conveyors

AMF offers a variety of conveyors, switches, and diverters engineered to deliver baskets or trays efficiently to downstream operations.

Continuous Proofers

Bake-Tech Continuous Proofers are custom-configured with the most available configurations and radiuses to fit virtually any layout.

Continuous Ovens

AMF's Bake-Tech Continuous Oven completes the continuous proof and bake system ensuring the most consistently baked product, tray after tray.

Tray Ovens

Vesta 32-38 Direct-Fired Tray Ovens offer high-quality baking for bread, buns, cakes, and pies.

Tunnel Ovens

AMF introduces pre-assembled, modular Den Boer tunnel oven designs with independent zone control for more precise temperature control over a wide variety of products.

Bake-Tech Coolers

AMF's Bake-Tech Product Cooling Systems are engineered with the same reliable components as the Bake-Tech Proofers.

Racetrack Coolers

Endless Racetrack Coolers are designed for high operating efficiency with minimal power requirements allowing you to maximize your plant space.

Spiral Conveyors

AMF's newest Spiral Conveyors are custom-configured with the most sanitary, modular design elements for a variety of product applications.

Bread Packaging

AMF provides complete packaging solutions for pan baked bread products.

Bun Packaging

From bulk bun packaging to variety bagging, AMF's solutions offer maximum flexibility and outstanding reliability.

Basket/Tray Stackers

A variety of configurations and layouts offer one complete solution for basket handling while reducing manual labor and ensuring maximum reliability.

Basket/Tray Unstacking

Efficient Basket Unstacking, Denesting, and Orientating offer one complete solution for basket handling while reducing manual labor.

Dolly Loaders/Unloaders

Dolly Loading and Unloading Systems offer fully automated transfer and placement of stacked baskets to improve the efficiency throughout your bakery.

Basket Washers and Dryers

Custom-configured to your specific basket washing and drying specifications, our complete Basket Washing Systems are engineered for outstanding function, performance, reliability and resource conservation.