Bread Dividers and Rounders

Achieve precision dough dividing, rounding and intermediate proofing for high-speed bread production featuring the industry's latest extrusion and volumetric dividing technology.

Gentle Dough Dividing

Our new generation extrusion dough divider design, the BreadFlex Divider, delivers ultra low-shear metering for improved product quality. Volumetric dividing technology provides gentle dough handling for a wide range of dough.

Superior Product Flexibility

User-friendly, recipe-driven technology provides adjustable, precision dividing with quick product changeover for a wide variety of doughs.


Breadflex Divider

Low-shear extrusion dividing for improved product consistency and scaling accuracy.

Advanced Dough Divider

Vector extrusion dividing increases product yield for reduced waste and improved product uniformity. Available with multiple metering pumps.

Servotech Bread Divider

Gentle volumetric dividing controls dough chamber volume to maintain first-in, first-out processing.

Volumetric Bread Divider

Reliable volumetric dividing complemented by heavy duty stainless steel design.

Bread Belt Rounder

Poly-stick rounding belt offers precision rounding without stickage eliminating dusting flour or doubles.

Conical Dough Rounder

Clockwise or counter-clockwise dough ball rotation 3/4 turn creates perfectly rounded, uniform dough balls while containing flour dust.

Intermediate Proofer

Tray type intermediate proofer for bread dough pieces, automatically transfers dough balls from loader buckets to proofer trays.