Bread Make-Up Systems

Multiple automated options available for sheeting, moulding and panning of pan baked bread producing up to 120 loaves per minute.


AMF's Sheeter, Moulder, Panners feature all stainless steel construction for improved sanitation and reliability. For easy product control, SMP's feature adjustable top and bottom sheeting rolls, motorized pressure board, and adjustable dough and pan guides.

Superior Product Flexibility

Available panning area technology allows the addition of Seed Enrober or Cutter Turner Panning Options for greater product variety.


Straight-Line SMP

Most efficient SMP, featuring motorized pressure board, with operating speeds up to 110 loaves per minute.

Super S Cross Grain SMP

Featuring AMF's sanitary frame design with special transfer conveyor for a more unique grain structure.

Dough Ball Spacer

Properly times and spaces dough entry through sheeting rollers to eliminate duplicates.

ComboMat Bread and Bun Make-Up System

Extrusion dividing technology to produce automated bun, soft roll, and pan baked bread production from dividing through to panning. Up to 600 ppm for bun and rolls and up to 100 loaves per minute.