Bread Slicers and Baggers

AMF provides complete packaging solutions for pan baked bread products. From slicing and bagging to basket or case loading, AMF’s packaging systems deliver outstanding efficiency with the most gentle product handling. Designed with minimal parts, AMF’s Saber Slicers and Mark Baggers ensure quick and efficient maintenance. Electronic synchronization with the slicer eliminates high maintenance chain or shaft drives.


Saber Slicers are engineered with a heavy-duty lattice and blade guide system to improve slice quality while extending machine life with “pull out” accessibility.


AMF's Mark Baggers are engineered with an automated pendulum scoop drive virtually eliminating the costly maintenance of gearboxes using a high-friction slide action.


Saber 60 Band Slicer

High quality bread slicing using the most reliable blade spacing system for conventional bread types up to 60 per minute.

Saber 75 Band Slicer

Designed for easy and quick maintenance providing high-speed automated band slicing for pan baked bread, up to 75 loaves per minute.

Saber 75 Wide Band Slicer

Allowing for a wider slicer range and slice count than the standard slicer, up to 75 loaves per minute.

Mark 60 Bread Bagger

Small footprint bread bagger designed with straight-line configuration for reduced downtime and easier maintenance up to 60 loaves per minute.

Mark 75 Bread Bagger

Maintenance-free, high-speed pendulum scoop drive and flusher discharge conveyor for the smoothest loaf transfer available up to 75 loaves per minute.

Combo Bread Slicer and Bagger

Best available automatic band slicing and bagging combination reduces space requirements for pan baked breads up to 65 loaves per minute.