Bun Make Up Systems

The industry standard for bun and roll production, AMF's Accupan Bun and Roll Systems have continued to improve in both flexibility and consistency as we see consumer demands seeking a wider variety of specialty bread products. The HBDFlex Accupan System offers the highest speed production with maximum efficiency and scaling accuracy. The HBDFlex Accupan accomodates stiff doughs with products ranging from tight grain buns to open grain rolls. When seeking a wider range of product variety, the RollFlex Accupan System ensures excellent scaling accuracy with a smaller footprint design offering easy sanitation and maintenance. Accupan Bun Systems target bakers looking to produce from 400 dozen buns per hour to 6,200 dozen per hour.


Featuring the latest FLEX Dividing Technology, AMF's Accupan Bun Systems offer unmatched scaling accuracy with virtually no operator adjustments required for a wide range of dough. The easy to clean, low-maintenance dividers incorporate AMF's proprietary vane style metering pumps to control throughput without shear and 100% purge per resolution ensuring 'first-in, first-out' dough transfer.


With a variety of Accupan models in 4, 6 or 8-pocket configurations, you can easily grow your production line from 400 dozen buns/hour to 6,200 dozen per hour. With simple, quick changeover of the Flex Dividers, you can maximize your line efficiency over a wide range of products. The latest Accupan innovations including dough imprinters, servo drop-out chute gates, and extended bed moulders to enhance your bun and roll production line. Various finishing technologies offer limitless product possibilities incorporating targeted seeding and topping, egg wash, dutch crunch depositors, lye baths, and water splitters to partner your best ingredients with the biggest ideas.


HBDFlex Accupan High Speed System

Highest speed bun system available, up to 72,000 pieces/hour with HBDFlex Divider for unmatched scaling accuracy on 4-6 or 8-across configurations.

RollFlex Accupan System

Most flexible, 4 or 6-across bun or roll system featuring RollFlex Divider for the most accurate scaling available up to 45,000 pieces/hour.

Accupan Bun System

Simple design for up to 45,000 pieces/hour featuring Accumax Extrusion Divider with 4 or 6-across configurations.

Accupan Classic Bun System

Simple, entry-level design up to 36,000 pieces/hour featuring K-Head Volumetric Divider with 4 or 6-across configurations.

APEX Accumax Accupan 400 System

Best value, entry-level system for 4,400 - 24,000 pieces/hour featuring Accumax Extrusion Divider with 4-across configuration.

Continuous Pan Shaker

Ensures consistent dough piece alignment in bun and roll pan cavities up to 50 pans per minute.

ComboMat Bread and Bun Make-Up System

Extrusion dividing technology to produce automated bun, soft roll, and pan baked bread production from dividing through to panning. Up to 600 ppm for bun and rolls and up to 100 loaves per minute.