Dough Conveyors

AMF Bakery Systems provides custom configurations for dough conveying to accommodate a wide range of raw dough applications. AMF’s sanitary, automated dough handling solutions allow for the efficient transfer of dough from mixer to divider or other downstream processes while minimizing stress on your dough. All of AMF’s conveying solutions can be configured into one complete bakery solution to match your exact production needs from mixer to marketplace.


AMF’s sanitary dough conveyors are designed with the Intralox ThermoDrive™ belt system to prevent dough contamination.  When combined with our complete dough handling solutions our toolless removal concepts achieve the most innovative sanitary designs.

Unmatched Dough Transfer Efficiency

Designed with heavy-duty welded round tubing and reliable Direct-Drive motors, AMF’s Dough Conveyors ensure high performance and years of trouble-free operation. Custom conveyor configurations allow for reliable, short transfers of dough within any bakery layout.


Raw Dough Conveyors

Customized by application to transport dough from Chunker or Pump to downstream equipment.

Dough Elevator Conveyor

Transports dough from Chunker or Pump processes to downstream equipment.