Dough Distribution

Automated Dough Distribution Systems provide efficient movement and handling of raw dough to meet the highest production demands and sanitation standards. Our dough handling equipment includes: custom Dough Conveyors, Dough Pumps, Dough Chunkers, and Dough Feeders for a variety of dough types.

Seamless integration

Custom-configured to meet your production line requirements, our Dough Distribution Systems are fully automated with user-friendly, integrated controls for smooth transfer and easy operation from mixer to make-up system.

Sanitary Design

All Dough Distribution Systems are constructed with sanitary framework design for efficient, total wash-down with reduced labor.


Model U2 Dough Pump

Dual augers regulate the delivery and flow of dough with the ability to handle stiffer doughs,

Series 'IV' Z Dough Pump

Simple pump using a single screw auger and vacuum to pull dough into the auger feeding a continuous flow to downstream processes. Suitable for products with absorption above 60%.

Dough Chunker and Feeder

Gentle rotary blade maintains open cell structure and transfers dough chunks in stress-free conditions up to 30,000 lb/hr.

Dough Elevator Conveyor

Transports dough from Chunker or Pump processes to downstream equipment.

Raw Dough Conveyor

Customized by application to transport dough from Chunker or Pump to downstream equipment.