Pan or Lid Stackers and Unstackers

Automated Pan or Lid Stacking and Unstacking Systems improve the efficiency and overall safety throughout your bakery. Precision pan handling ensures the most gentle stacking and unstacking motions to extend the life of your pans for reduced operating costs.


Accurate, servo motions of AMF's latest Pan Stacking and Unstacking Systems incorporate a soft-touch end of arm tool to minimize pan damage and extend pan life.


With the ability to handle multiple pans or lids at one time, AMF's pan stacking technology improves overall line efficiency. Fully-automated pan stacking systems can be easily integrated with hand trucks or automated pan storage and retrieval systems.


Robotic Pan and Lid Stacker/Unstacker

Patented soft-touch end-of-arm-tool gently stacks and unstacks multiple units at one time for longer pan life. 50% less parts to maintain and keep clean.

Magnetic Pan Stacker or Unstacker

Versatile stacking or unstacking with standard automatic pan truck loading up to 40 pans or lids per minute.

Automatic Relidder

Properly aligns lids onto bread pans at the highest rate in the industry.

APEX Mechanical Pan Stacker/Unstacker

Best value engineering for gentle, mechanical pan stacking and unstacking.