Product Depanners

Depanners are ideal for gentle, inline removal of bread, rolls, bagels, croissants, pizza, and other specialty products from pans with transfer to a product conveyor. Products in pans are guided into the Depanner and are metered back to system rate by means of a metering belt integrated within the Depanner. An air jet assembly mounted in front of the vacuum chamber loosens the product from the pan prior to entering the depanner area. Pans are held down by magnets mounted within the pan conveyor as they enter the depanning area. Product is removed at the same time by vacuum cups, mounted on a vacuum belt. A large radius vacuum chamber is used for gentle depanning of the product.


AMF's Depanner is constructed with a fully welded tubular steel base frame which supports the vacuum system, filter chamber, vacuum chamber, lifting mechanism, pan conveyor, product conveyor, control panel and push button station. The top and sides of the base frame are totally enclosed by easily removable stainless steel enclosure panels which are insulated with sound dampening material to reduce noise level.


Air jet assembly carefully loosen product as need from the pan chambers. The vacuum cups are mounted to a vacuum belt, driven by a motorized pully. The large radius vacuum chamber gently removes the baked product from pans without product damage.


APEX Bun Depanner

Inline depanning for buns and rolls.