SNAX Sigma Mixer for Cookies, Crackers, and Specialty Doughs

Achieve the perfect mix with this flexible, open frame Sigma Arm Mixer. SNAX Sigma Mixer integrates an innovative tilting system for mixing a variety of crackers, cookies, and specialty snack doughs from 1,200 lbs. to 4,000 lbs.

  • Robust, Tubular Frame Design with IP55 Wash-down Sanitation
  • Maximum Tilt Flexibility From 140° Front To 95° Rear Tilt
  • Reliable Optional Cooling & Warming Bowl Jacket For Optimal Dough Temperature Control

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Open Frame Construction

Sanitary, round tubular frame construction and reinforced, stainless steel bowl structure ensure maximum strength and minimum deflection thus eliminating fatigue failures.

The optional bowl jacket offers superior temperature control, warming and cooling, ensuring ideal process consistency and final dough temperature control.

Dough Process Monitoring

Achieve better dough consistency with AMF’s Dough Guardian™ technology. Recipe management ensures consistent production of dough within set parameters.

Power Monitoring

Plots KwH against reference trends.

Process Monitoring

Tracks 9 variables against predefined limits and trends.

Dough Guardian SPC

Logs and indexes real-time data for easy process adjustments.

Innovative Tilting System

AMF’s innovative bowl tilt system allows maximum flexibility from 140° forward tilt to 95° rear tilt ensuring complete access for sanitation.

Engineered with minimal components, the single-end belt drive with integral gearhead motor offers increased stability and reduce maintenance.

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