Electric Tunnel Ovens

The Multibake® E Tunnel Oven by AMF Den Boer is an electrically heated oven, i.e. the required heat is created directly in the baking tunnel by means of electrical elements. There are several elements in each module: a number of elements are directly above, and a number of elements are underneath the products to be baked.

The exact number of elements will be determined during engineering. The construction of the baking tunnel, divided into modules, guarantees an even heat transfer to the product.

Electrical Element Safety

The electrical elements are electrically isolated, and the contact terminals are shielded to prevent accidentally touching the contacts when the stainless-steel panels are removed (Note: in that case, the affected zone must be electrically locked out and tagged out for safety). The oven is secured against overheating by means of a maximum thermostat.

Excellent Temperature Control

The temperature is measured in each zone, both underneath and above the product to be baked. 

PT-100 sensors are fitted in the baking tunnel for this purpose. The measured values for each zone can be read on the central control panel (touch panel). To achieve the desired baking curve the required temperatures for each zone can be set on the central control panel. The elements are controlled by solid state contactor power controls in groups. All elements are switched for safety reasons with a relay, in addition a certain amount will be controlled via Thyristors.  

50% controlled via on-off (to heat to ~70% of setpoint)  

50% controlled via thyristor to reach & control setpoint  

In this way, it is possible to control the top and bottom temperature in each zone. If the set temperature deviates from the measured temperature, the modulating electrical elements are subsequently adjusted by means of P.I.D. temperature regulators, which regulate the elements infinitely until the set temperature is reached. In this way, the desired baking curve can be achieved.  

Key Features

  • Flue Gas-free   
  • Compact Design  
  • Efficient Heat Transfer  
  • No Moving Parts, Highly Reliable  
  • No Annual Gas Safety Inspections  
  • Modulated Power  
  • Excellent Thermal Control  
  • Lifetime Extended Heating Element
  • CO2 Neutral (if water, solar or nuclear power)  
  • Reduced Thermal Stress on Mechanical Parts  
  • Available in Infra-red (STIR) 


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