Hybrid Tunnel Ovens

The Multibake® H Tunnel Oven by AMF Den Boer is a combination tunnel oven which is heated by means of several types of heat transfer, either I (Impingement), D (Direct), E (Electrical) or R (Radiant).

Depending on the application or products, the combined heat technology can be customized to achieve the right heat transfer at the right place and time during the processing of the product.

Typical Hybrid Applications

Common heat transfer combinations are suitable for:
Loaf Bread Oven
First Zone: Direct partly IR, Second Zone: Impingement with top part Radiant, Third Zone: Direct blue flame
Knäckebröd Oven
First Zone: D-HT, Second Zone: Direct blue flame, Third Zone: Impingement
Tinbread Oven
First Zone: Direct blue flame with steam section, Second Zone: Radiant with convection

Modular Oven Construction

The hybrid zone oven exceeds performance when baking all kinds of products due to the unique modular design of the Multibake® Tunnel Ovens combined with multiple variations of heat transfer solutions.

The Hybrid Tunnel Oven Exceeds Performance When Baking:

Soft Bread and Buns
Artisanal Bread
Artisanal Rolls
Rusk, Biscottes

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