Air Impingement Tunnel Ovens

Impingement heating technology in tunnel ovens is an indirect heated oven by means of impinging jets/nozzles. The Multibake® I Tunnel Oven by AMF Den Boer is an indirectly heated oven, employing hot air transported at high speed to both the upper and lower side of the product. This is accomplished using an industrial burner coupled to a stainless-steel heat exchanger. Also known as a conventional tunnel oven.

This oven is also available with a Dual Fuel Option featuring independent heating systems within the same oven.

Efficient Heat Transfer

The heating of the Multibake® I is entirely indirect, using a certain number of heating (burner) modules at the top of the baking tunnel. Each heating module consists of an industrial burner and a specially designed stainless-steel heat exchanger. The burner and heat exchanger are combined in a compact unit. The air to be heated for the baking (process air) is transported equally over the heat exchanger by means of one fan. The fan is equipped with a Corten-steel blower.

Advanced Air Circulation

Unique Nozzle Pattern

The circulation fan takes out air from the baking tunnel. The air is subsequently fed through the heat exchanger and along the heating chamber. The heated air arrives in the air division chambers, called plenums. The plenums, which have a nozzle pattern, are located underneath and above the transport conveyor. The heated air is blown regularly and directly on to the product. This means that the heat is transferred directly and quicker to the product (the “impingement” principle).

Controlled Air Speed

The air speed can be set in the baking tunnel for each zone by means of a frequency controller. The plenums are fully made from Corten steel and have a special nozzle pattern, adapted to the desired output in the various baking zones. Plenums will have fixed height (adjustable height; optional).

Your Value of Ownership

  • Dependable and adjustable heat transfer from bottom and top of product
  • Optional moisture monitoring and steam injection
  • Variable air speed towards the product
  • Excellent evenness and conformity of heat transfer, meaning consistent product quality while eliminating vulnerability for production gaps
  • Flexible height adjustment of the top plenum (baking chamber height is dependent on the product height during bake, for example with cake production, in the first stage of baking – low plenum height at 100 mm and in the end stage higher at 200 mm

Typical Product Applications

Typical product applications for the impingement or indirect heated tunnel over are: croissants, Danish pastry, puff pastry, cinnamon rolls, cheese sticks, American style pizza, and pizza snacks. In general, the Multibake® I Tunnel Oven is a good fit for various products, wider than the ones just mentioned.


Cakes and Pies
Artisanal Bread and Rolls
Pizza and Flatbreads
Pastries and Croissants
Cookies and Cereals

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