Infrared Tunnel Ovens
and Melters

The Multibake® IR Tunnel Oven by AMF Den Boer is an infrared melter, dryer, and toaster for a variety of products. For drying, toasting, fixating or melting products at one side, the Infrared (IR) oven is optimal with low-end execution. The heat transfer will be done by means of infrared radiant burners, fitted to a fixed frame that is positioned above a conveyor.  

The product surface will intensely heated by means of Infrared radiant burners, fitted to a fixed frame positioned above a conveyor. The conveyor underneath the C-frame is mobile for optimal cleaning purposes.  Note: The operation side is set at right hand side, seen in the moving direction of the products. The conveyor must be taken out at the opposite side of the operation side. 

The removable conveyor will be executed in so called Wash Down execution.  The operation side must be clear before design freeze date. 

Infrared Burners

The oven is equipped with several radiant infrared burners. The Metal Fibre Burners consist of knitted 100% Metal Fibre Yarn. It combines the excellent performance of the sintered Metal Fibre Burner with the advantage of textile.  The burners are connected as one group; each burner in this group can be switched on/off. A set-up with several groups of burners which can be modulated group-wise or even individually is not included in this order confirmation. 

Superior Heat Transfer and Sanitation

Heat Transfer Control

The heat transfer to the product can be varied in two ways.  First, regulating the air/gas supply to the burners by means of a central burner air ventilator. The Honeywell (Combined Valve, Ignition, gas zero-pressure regulator) performs all the functions required for safe ignition, flame supervision and pressure regulation. The gas air mixing and regulating the gas/air flow to the burner is executed by means of a burner-air valve motor in combination with an AMF Den Boer burner air/gas mixing device. Each burner has its own Honeywell system. Modulation is always obtained by changing the amount of airflow; the gas flow will follow the airflow in the pre-determined ratio. The Honeywell burner control-units can be operated from the control panel. 

Second possibility is to regulate the speed of the conveyor. The slower the conveyor, the longer the radiation time and thus the amount of energy transferred to the product. Changing the speed of the conveyor means also change of the production capacity of the IR tunnel.  Note; if the speed will be set higher than the supply conveyor, the pattern of products might be disturbed. 

Construction and Hygiene

The oven is constructed as a C-shape framework. The frame is made of steel and the outer panelling of stainless steel. The insulation panels are mounted flush to each other and are therefore not welded; there is no risk of bacteria growth because this is inside the “kill” zone. 

 As an option, AMF Den Boer  can deliver a 100% wash down execution of the oven .

Key Features

  • Very Short Dwell Times 
  • Quick Heating and Cooling Times 
  • Mobile Frame 
  • Modulating Burners 
  • Pizza-cheese Melting 
  • Browning / Drying 
  • Total Wash Down  


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Sandwich Bread
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