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Making The Most Of Opportunity

In the months since I was offered the privilege of joining AMF Bakery Systems, I’ve had many opportunities to share with my friends and family and other potential AMF teammates why I wanted to be part of the AMF team. I’m already passionate about this special company, and I love telling our story: here’s what I tell them.

AMF is an established company with stable ownership. AMF is successful, over 100 years old, and the world’s largest industrial equipment provider to the stable, yet dynamic, bakery industry. People all over the world enjoy our customers’ bread, bun, pizza, cake, and pastry products, and customers respect our experts’ collective centuries of bakery experience. Our parent company, publicly-held insurance company Markel Corporation, acquired AMF over a decade ago, in 2005 as part of its Markel Ventures investment strategy. Three Markel Ventures’ companies, inclusive of AMF Bakery Systems, Reading Bakery Systems, and Solbern, collaborate together as the Markel Food Group. Each a leader in their segment of the food processing industry, this Markel partnership makes it possible to share technologies and resources for a distinct advantage in the global marketplace by offering customers the widest range of high-quality, automated solutions. 

We are the global leader in the baking technologies industry and our teammates have the opportunity to gain business and cultural skills from every region of the world. 

AMF is global. Working for AMF is an opportunity to be part of a truly global business. We are the global leader in the baking technologies industry, with operations in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Our bakery equipment is sold in countries all over the world, and our teammates have the opportunity to gain business and cultural skills from every region in the world.

AMF provides outstanding development opportunities. AMF is an innovative engineering company offering turnkey solutions. Our highly-skilled engineers and technical teammates have the opportunity to develop customized automation solutions for our baking customers including industrial dough mixers and conveyors, dough processing technologies, commercial proofers and ovens, packaging, and robotic post-packaging solutions, among others. 

AMF’s values and core strategic focus are driven by the Markel Business System (MBS). Encompassed by lean manufacturing principles, MBS provides all teammates with the chance to learn and practice problem-solving and leadership skills. At AMF, teammates are empowered to serve our customers and to seek better ways of doing things in an effort to improve our processes.

AMF has a great culture. AMF is full of committed, long-term teammates who’ve dedicated their careers to our customers and our company. We drive for results. Operating ethically and with integrity is non-negotiable. We’re good stewards of the communities we operate in. And we care about each other.

I had two requirements when I was looking for the next company I wanted to work for: a place to make an impact, and a place where people matter. AMF Bakery Systems is a rare example of both. After a 30 year career, I feel like I’ve come home.

Kelly McCleary
Global VP Finance