illuminating the lights out bakery.

Transforming real-time data into optimized production with digitalization and automation for your bakery

the future of baking, today.

Baking has always been one of mankind’s greatest expressions of creativity, ingenuinity, and artistry.

Then, it was using the sun and fire to bake bread. Now, it means sophisticated automation solutions, premium ingredients, and unique product varieties around the globe.

Tomorrow, AMF’s vision is set on building lights-out bakeries that deliver a more consistent, efficient, reliable, and sustainable bakery operation – all through the introduction of AMF’s Bakery Intelligence suite of smart, digital technologies.  

  • consistency
  • continuity
  • sustainability

what is the lights out bakery?

AMF’s moonshot vision to build fully autonomous, data-driven bakeries with the flexibility to produce a wide variety of products while delivering:

  • it’s more consistent quality
  • it’s less downtime
  • it’s improved sustAINABILITY
AMF Bakery Systems’ Bakery Intelligence portfolio is creating a whole new era of opportunity for the baking industry.

bakery intelligence
with amf bakery systems

Our suite of Bakery Intelligence solutions is fully data-driven and engineered to reduce labor, energy, and waste, while increasing food quality and consistency. It equips your business to make smart decisions, creating a more efficient, sustainable, and reliable bakery.

control at every step.

optimization at every opportunity.

  • Mixing
  • Makeup
  • Proofing & Baking
  • Cooling & Conveying
  • Packaging
  • Post-Packaging


Delivering continuous efficiency and productivity, the lights-out bakery equipment is interconnected to run with optimal conditions and speed without downtime. Operating conditions are constantly monitored and adjusted to prevent downtime and inefficiencies.  These systems can even automate equipment cleaning, sanitation, and predictive maintenance.

  • Self-healing of minor production issues
  • Predictive parts replacement
  • Optimal predictive maintenance 
  • Automated cleaning and sanitation


The lights-out bakery delivers constant product quality for a wide product variety. Smart controls monitor and automatically adjust to compensate for variances in ingredients, environment, and process variables. Production lines are fed by an optimal production schedule based on last-minute customer orders. A wide variety of products are produced with minimal changeover, scrap or impact on product quality.

  • No operator intervention
  • Consistent product quality
  • Automatic variance adjustments
  • Reduced waste 


Within the lights-out bakery, smart controls minimize energy usage and reduce CO2 emissions while keeping quality and productivity constant. The production line continuously monitors process variables to choose optimal temperatures, speeds, and other process variables for improved sustainability throughout the life of your bakery. 

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Improved quality and process control
  • Increased sustainability
  • Increased shareholder value







AMFConnect™ provides access to the most advanced integrated, real-time bakery system data and unit equipment information.  And consolidates it in one smart dashboard for secure, reliable access, so your team makes better, faster decisions that improve operations and efficiency.

  • real-time & predictive monitoring
  • network connectivity
  • data collection & analytics

Equip Your Bakery to
Turn Off the Lights

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Smart Applicator
Unmatched Topping Control

These digital solutions mean more production efficiencies, more quality control, more accessible knowledge sharing, more product yield, more profit, and more for the health and sustenance of our planet. AMF Bakery Systems’ Bakery Intelligence portfolio is creating a whole new era of opportunity for the baking industry.

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Chain Guardian System
Extended Chain Life

AMF’s patented Dough Guardian technology gives simplified control over dough parameters, and offers much needed insights for efficient problem solving and real-time process adjustments. Our dough process control system provides un­precedented operating tools to monitor and control the mixing process on AMF’s horizontal mixers. This allows bakers to understand and adjust their mixing process for day-to-day variability for unmatched dough consistency.

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Multibake™ Vita Tunnel Oven
Zero Emission Hydrogen

The MultibakeR VITA Tunnel Oven is a direct-fired oven that utilizes ground breaking hydrogen fueled burners for consistent, sustainable heat. The burners utilize clean burning, renewable hydrogen resulting in up to 99.9% less COs emissions during your baking process. This oven features reliable, durable stainless steel parts that reduce overall cost of ownership and ensure maximum operation time and productivity.

The burners are designed as a retrofit solution for existing Den Boer ovens normally fueled by natural gas, so you can lift the sustainability of your entire bakery.

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Mixer Guardian
Precise Dough Parameters

The next generation Mixer Guardian technology advances AMF’s patented Dough Guardian technology by eliminating the need for skilled operator experience on AMF’s horizontal batch mixers while ensuring unmatched dough consistency. This automated dough control system optimizes the mixing process based on inputs of ingredients and process variables to achieve optimized, consistent dough quality.

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Smart Depositor

The AMF Powershot Depositor utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically adjust sauce distribution to compensate for varying shell weights. AMF has invested in smart technologies to ensure more consistent pizza weights throughout production. This helps your bakery reduce waste and production costs, and deliver more consistent pizza products.

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Intelligence + AMF Bakery Systems

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