Croissant Production System

THE COMPLETE SOLUTION for reliable operations, consistent quality, increased safety, simple operations, increased efficiency, and seamless integration in your croissant manufacturing process. 

Discover unparalleled reliability, consistent quality, and enhanced safety with our complete solution for your croissant manufacturing process. AMF offers state-of-the-art sheeting and laminating technologies, tailor-made for European-style croissant production. Our systems enable increased production capacity, uniform quality, and the gentle handling essential for producing up to 30,000 perfect croissants per hour.

detailed diagram of AMF Bakery Systems' croissant production system, customized for use within a bakery's croissant manufacturing process

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AMFConnect™ ensures the best performance from your bakery’s production line by providing access to the most advanced integrated, real-time bakery system data and unit equipment information. Access to critical operational information allows your team to make better, faster decisions improving operations and efficiency throughout your bakery.

Dough Chunker & Feeder

Optimize your croissant production with our Dough Chunker & Feeder. Designed for simplicity and efficiency, the gentle rotary blade system supports large-scale operations, handling up to 30,000 lbs/hour. 

Dough Elevator Conveyor

Seamlessly integrate our Dough Elevator Conveyor into your croissant production line. This essential equipment efficiently transports dough to downstream processes, enhancing your bakery’s workflow.

Open Frame Mixer

The AMF Fusion Open Frame Mixer ensures consistent dough quality for superior croissant production with its easy access and tubular offset frame for mixing up to 3,200 lbs of dough.

Tromp Laminating Line

The AMF Tromp Laminating Line offers high-speed, stress-free or extrusion laminating for the production of croissants, pastries, danish, and puff pastry products. 

Tromp SF Sheeting Line

Offering high-speed, stress-free production of consistently moulded products.

D-Series Conveyor

Stay tuned for more on our D-Series Conveyor, designed to streamline croissant production with high efficiency and low maintenance.

Den Boer Step Proofer

More information coming soon on our Den Boer Step Proofer, an integral part of the croissant production process ensuring optimal dough rise. 

Den Boer Step Pan Storage

More information coming soon on our Den Boer Step Pan Storage, an essential aspect of streamlining the croissant production process.

Tromp DecoJet 2

Elevate your croissant production with the Tromp DecoJet 2, specially designed for precision in cutting proofed dough by means of water.

Den Boer Multibake Tunnel Oven

Experience precise temperature control in croissant production with our preassembled, modular Den Boer Multibake Tunnel Oven, featuring independent zone control for baking perfection. 

Den Boer Depanner

Small footprint design with air jet assembly and vacuum system to gently remove product without damage.

A-Series Conveyor

Designed for high operating efficiency and low maintenance, the A-Series Conveyors are built with anodized aluminum beaded plates and rust-free materials.

Vesta Spiral Cooler

Custom-configured with the most sanitary, modular design elements for a variety of product applications.

Vesta Spiral Freezer

Custom-configured with the most sanitary, modular design elements for a variety of product applications.

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