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Lifetime Support. Anytime. Anywhere. 

We know that installation and commissioning is just the beginning of a life-long customer care relationship, and that’s why AMF will be there for you throughout the life of your equipment. At AMF, we support our bakery customers through:  

  • Installation & commissioning by AMF’s expert service technicians  
  • Parts & upgrades supported via dedicated customer care representatives 
  • Machine documentation via AMFMethod™ and training
  • Service, training, & maintenance with on-site or mobile technical support and an electronic system to capture and route service issues for resolution 
  • Bakery optimization through smart, digital technologies to drive efficiencies and deliver immediate value 
  • Focused repair & modernization teams to identify upgrades needed to keep your bakery running at optimal efficiency while extending machine life 
  • Continuous improvement of our customer care products and services to deliver more connected, on-demand care solutions, like the recent launch of our MyAMF mobile app, delivering immediate access to your customer care team, all from the palm of your hand

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Parts & Service

By offering multiple ways to request and receive support, we make it simple to access the assistance you need to keep your bakery operations running at optimal efficiency. 

Ways to Request Technical Support for Your Bakery

Via Phone

When you utilize one of our five regional numbers, AMF’s Customer Care Reps are your first responders to capture your concerns and route them to the appropriate AMF teammates for resolution. We offer a 24-hour response time during working hours.

North America: +1-804-342-9700
Latin America: +52-229-915-3501
EMEA: +31-183-627-555
Greater Asia: +65-8128-4044
China: +86-150-2244-2472

Via Email

You can request support via email with a 24-hour response time during working hours by contacting [email protected].

Via the My AMF App

With the MyAMF app on your phone, you can access AMF’s support all from the palm of your hand. From the bottom menu, click CARE and navigate to Request Support to submit a ticket or Questions? to locate click-to-call numbers for your regional customer care team. Tickets will be responded to during the work week within 24 hours of submission.

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Ways to Receive Support

As your baking partner of choice, we are committed to providing you with a best-in-class customer care experience from project inception through bakery maintenance while delivering value at every touchpoint. Whether you need remote assistance or on-site support and training, our team is here to help.

Mobile Connect

Our field service team can provide remote, real-time guidance during regular business hours via phone, FaceTime, WhatsApp, or WeChat.


Schedule virtual or in-person training with our field service technicians for your operations and maintenance teams. We’ll guide your bakery teams through proper equipment maintenance, operation, sanitation, and safety procedures. Additionally, the AMFMethod™ Documentation & Training Tool offers easy, online access to manuals, equipment documentation, and training modules that help you maximize your bakery’s performance and productivity.

Remote into Your Machine

Provide permission for AMF’s remote connection so we can quickly access your machines to provide real-time support, when you need it.

On-Site Support

With experienced service teammates worldwide, our service technicians are poised to offer responsive technical assistance both on site and remotely.

Service Agreements

With our range of service agreements, AMF’s Customer Care team delivers both proactive solutions as well as shorter response times to keep your bakery running at optimal efficiency while minimizing downtime. Our service contracts and partnership maintenance plans are available to provide a range of customizable on-demand support offerings. 

Customized Options, Including: 

  • Preventative maintenance   
  • Site surveys (Inspections, and parts recommendations)  
  • Equipment operation optimization  
  • Training (safety, operation, maintenance, sanitation, etc.)  
  • 24/7 breakdown assistance rapid response  
  • Parts installation 

Benefits of Service Contracts: 

  • Avoid unplanned downtime & waste  
  • Faster emergency response 
  • Online remote machine support  
  • Improved bakery team knowledge  
  • Ability to plan downtime  
  • Reduced service costs 

Repair & Modernization

Sometimes your unit equipment or bakery system might not be broken, but it’s no longer operating at optimal efficiency. Time for new equipment? Not necessarily. AMF’s Repair & Modernization thermal team restores AMF equipment to like-new condition and your non-AMF bakery equipment to better-than-new. AMF engineers solutions to meet your other R&M needs based on your requirements and existing systems. Helping you invest in the performance of your existing bakery equipment furthers our goal of enhanced sustainability and allows you to maximize the longevity of your facility’s physical assets.

Kits & Upgrades

AMF empowers bakery teams by equipping you with the resources needed to efficiently scale your production capacity and capabilities. Leverage our bakery kits and upgrades to improve line efficiency, reduce waste, and extend the life of your bakery equipment.

Local Support Backed by a Global Presence

Request more information about the unparalleled service and support the AMF Customer Care Team provides to our bakery customers worldwide.


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