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Within the Innovation Centre you have the opportunity to work with technology experts, connect with strategic partners, and collaborate with AMF’s team of master bakers to further develop your product line.

Our facility is a perfect production duplicate with a climate-controlled environment and state-of-the-art standards. Our team will consult with you to optimize, adjust, and fully test your product without disrupting production time in your own plant.

We can assure you that COVID-19 safety measures such as social distancing, face masks, and strict hygienic and cleaning measures are in place to protect you and your team.

Covid-19 Safe
Social Distancing, Face Masks, Strict Cleaning Measures, and More
Innovation Sessions

Test Production Lines

Supporting you in acheiving higher margins and the best product quality at required capacity

• Bring your own ingredients
• Try different machine settings
• Mixing & depositing
• Free advice from our experts

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Test Production Lines

Test complete production lines with your bread, pastry, cake or pizza recipe at production speed

• Complete pizza lines
• Complete bread lines
• Applications & sanitation
• Free advice from our experts

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Personalized Demonstrations

Experience what is possible and let us help your ideas becoming reality

• Learn from technology experts
• Collaborate with master bakers
• Live equipment demos
• Complete pizza/bread lines

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At AMF, we believe that our strength lies in collaborating with our customers to develop the best products possible. We believe in ‘Better Food for Better Lives!’ We create best-in-class machines and production lines, but we want to be sure they make products our customers want to produce and market. Test, Validate, Learn, Develop & Rise Together Come see and experience the possibilities we can create for your bakery and baking process. Explain your products, goals, struggles, and process, and we will develop a solution. Bring your own ingredients, and we will prepare your recipe to show you want can be achieved on our bakery lines and machines.


Through years of intensive co-operation with our customers, we know bakeries, processes, and the production of food products. Listening to the needs, struggles, challenges, and new ideas of our customers has given us the tools to develop best-in-class machines: productivity, sustainability, durability, profitability, and value of ownership.

We know that testing is crucial when developing a new production line, or adding new units or solutions, to make sure it is what is expected and what we want to achieve. This can be achieved together on the flexible and state-of-the-art line we have at our Innovation Centre in Gorinchem, The Netherlands.

Pizza Line
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Pastry Line
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Sustainable Baking
On Hydrogen
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Our Innovation Centre is located in Gorinchem, The Netherlands—less than one hour from Schiphol/Amsterdam, and one hour from Düsseldorf or Brussels/Antwerp. The Centre is fully equipped with the best facilities, the newest machines, innovations, solutions, and, sometimes, even a peek at NEW technology in development for your bakery!

From Schiphol / Amsterdam: < 1 hour drive
From Dusseldorf (Germany): 1 hour drive
From Brussels/Antwerp (Belgium): 1 hour drive

Demo Equipment at AMF Test Centres

Pizza, Flatbreads, and Pastries

Our Innovation Centre is located in Gorinchem, The Netherlands—less than one hour from Schiphol/Amsterdam, and one hour from Düsseldorf or Brussels/Antwerp. The Centre is fully equipped with the best facilities, the newest machines, innovations, solutions, and, sometimes, even a peek at NEW technology in development for your bakery!

From Schiphol / Amsterdam: < 1 hour drive
From Dusseldorf (Germany): 1 hour drive
From Brussels/Antwerp (Belgium): 1 hour drive

Demo Equipment at AMF Test Centres

Bread Lines

Artisan breads, sheeted breads, and baguettes.

Tin breads, soft breads, and buns.

Get hands-on with dough handling and extruding unit, mixers, conveying units, and our array of tunnel and band ovens on natural gas and hydrogen.

Demo Equipment at AMF Test Centres

Specialty Systems

Spraying systems for egg glaze.

Fat pump systems for laminating dough.

Discover how AMF’s specialty units can work for you: depositing, make-up, dosing, strewing, target applicating, waterfall applicating, folding, and croissant making.  Go further with robot tooling for folding, spraying, and customized applications.

And get a sneak-peak at new innovations.


Our team of master bakers, food technologists, and Innovation Centre experts have spent years in numerous industrial and traditional bakeries around the world. They are here to support you, test and validate with you, and give you advice on what our equipment can do for your products and business. They will handle your ingredients with care, ask critical questions to understand your recipe, and make sure your test results will further your success.

Food Technologist and curious for Robotics

A Master in Food Technology, and a keen interest in new technologies, is what makes Vincent the ‘tech-guy’ of the team. Developing new applications for robot use, artificial intelligence, machine learning and validating these to give impressive demo’s to our customers. These new technologies will save money and improve the bakery process for our customers, to stay ahead of their competition. Vincent in our guy to impress you with these new technologies.

Baker and Food Technologist – your guide in our Innovation Centre

Jeroen can be called all round senior baker and technologist, since he has excellent ingredient knowledge and knows how these ingredients ‘behave’ in certain applications, dough or mixes.  Temperatures, moisture levels, dosage, proofing time, baking time, Jeroen can give you the advice to run a smooth and perfect production run and validate this on our equipment.

Baker and friendly face – makes you feel welcome

Fred is a professional baker with a long history and experience in the industrial bakery, working for a Banquette and Pastry company before he joined AMF. He helps our customers with testing on our equipment and test their range of products. His expertise is on our special units, like the Unimac depositor, Target Applicator, Egg and glace sprayer, Roll strewer/seeders and Powershot depositor for pizza.

Master Baker and Specialist on Artisan Bread

Our Master Baker, with many years’ experience in the bakery, ingredients business and industrial bakery processes. Thinking in solutions, customer benefits, improving dough handling and settings to optimize the baked result. Using all his knowledge of Bread, Artisan bread and Pastry, to help, support, challenge and convince our visitors, to buy AMF Bakery equipment.

Our guy who can do everything

Every team needs a guy you can ask anything and he does it with a smile: Dennis!  A very proud member of the Innovation Centre team, starting up the all the lines, handling the ingredients, making sure everything looks clean and is safe, and a great guy for us to work with! He also makes sure our production waste, baked goods and doughs, are re-used in a sustainable way.

Manager AMF Innovation Centre and Marketing Manager EMEA-AP

Customer focused and market driven, is what helps him and AMF to create solutions that really help or make our customers perform better. The innovation centre hosts the complete AMF portfolio to demonstrate, validate, train and learn, together with our great team of specialists. Hospitality and making you feel welcome at AMF, that is something he will guarantee, so we hope to welcome you soon!

What You May Expect from Your Experience at Our Innovation Centre

We utilize our extensive knowledge of bakery processes, doughs, and ingredients to provide you the options, capabilities, and capacity of our bakery machines so you can make the best products for you and your bakery.

• We offer daily morning and afternoon slots to book your visit
• Our inspiring meeting room is available during tests and offers WiFi and video conferencing tools
• You can bring or ship your own ingredients, and we will have the dough ready quickly
• Within three working days, we will send a full visit report with test results, and photo and video material
• Our Sales Team and your Regional Account Manager will be available for personal contact and any questions after your visit and test
• If needed, we can do additional tests and provide results online or remotely if required
• If you become a customer, our services are deducted from your bill

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