Expanding Your Bakery Portfolio with AMF: Growing Commercial Bakeries Through Product Expansion

In commercial baking, expanding your product portfolio is an important part of a bakery’s growth strategy. Diversification into new market segments not only captures a wider customer base but also enhances resilience against market fluctuations. At AMF, we support growing commercial bakeries, simplifying the journey into new product categories. From expanding out of traditional breads to artisan creations, or growing from offering just breads to pizzas, AMF is there to help our bakery partners navigate these shifts with ease and efficiency.

Diversifying Bakery Offerings with AMF Solutions

With innovation at the core of AMF’s identity, we are at the forefront of growing commercial bakeries through scaling production and product expansion. We help bakeries make the shift from traditional processing to providing automated solutions that allow bakeries to expand into new product segments while maintaining product quality and consistency using the ingredients and recipes consumers today demand.

In the bakery industry, a significant shift in consumer preference that’s been happening particularly since the 2010s is the desire for consumables that are higher-quality, diverse, and healthier. Factors such as increased awareness of food quality and ingredients, a desire for natural and less processed foods, and an interest in global cuisines have fueled this trend. Additionally, the rise of food culture, propelled by social media and foodie movements, has significantly contributed to the popularity of artisan breads.

Embracing the Artisan Bread Trend

Artisan breads, known for their unique flavors, textures, and natural ingredients, have captured the attention of consumers seeking more authentic and premium food experiences; and bakeries that want to remain relevant need to expand into this category.

Transitioning to Artisan Bread Production

Artisan bread making is all about the recipe, and at AMF we provide equipment solutions that help bakeries follow their perfected recipes while minimizing human error. This results in optimal results each and every time. And with integrated baking solutions, we are here to help any bakery expand their traditional bread making capabilities into artisan bread production.

Customizable Solutions for Artisan Breads

Our industry-leading high-speed sheeting technology ensures the quality and consistency that are crucial in artisan bread production, enabling bakeries to produce a wide variety of artisan breads such as baguettes, ciabatta, and focaccia.

We also provide both turnkey and customizable solutions for our bakery partners, helping them select the solution that best fits with their growth goals, including expanding into a new product category.

Expanding bakery portfolios from traditional breads to artisan breads like these is easy with AMF Bakery Systems.

Venturing into Pizza Production: A Growing Bakery Segment

Pizza production is becoming a significant segment within the commercial bakery sector. And like the shift toward artisan breads, commercial bakeries are leaning into specialty pizzas and flatbreads to meet market demand.

Expanding into Pizza with AMF’s Expertise

At AMF, we provide pizza solutions tailored to the specific requirements of pizza production, ensuring that a growing commercial bakery can produce high-quality pizzas efficiently. With expertise in dough sheeting and doughball technologies, AMF is able to support bakeries in producing a wide variety of pizza products including artisan-style flatbreads, sheeted and pressed pizzas, pitas, tortillas, and more. This range of products caters to the growing consumer demand for a wide array of bakery items. And the pizza production systems we provide are designed for customization and quality, featuring targeted decoration and topping capabilities that enable bakeries to tailor pizzas to specific customer preferences, an essential factor in attracting a broader customer base.

Supporting Growing Commercial Bakeries Through Product Diversification

At AMF, we’re more than just a bakery equipment supplier, we’re a bakery solutions provider and key partner to our bakery customers. This means that we are committed to helping our bakery partners excel in not only producing their bread and butter offerings, but also excel as they scale production and expand into new market segments. With our global presence, we bring expertise and tailored solutions to your bakery, supporting you at every stage of your growth journey​.

Support for Expanding Bakeries

Our support for bakeries is comprehensive, extending through every phase of their lifecycle, including when a bakery is looking to expand into a new product segment. Our Repair & Modernization teams play a pivotal role in this process, offering expertise in adapting existing bakery setups to accommodate new and diverse product lines. Whether it’s transitioning to artisan breads or scaling up pizza production, we ensure your equipment is optimized for these new ventures, ensuring seamless integration into your current operations.

Training and Resources for New Market Segments

As a growing commercial bakery enters new market segments like artisan breads and pizza, AMF provides essential training and resources to ensure a smooth transition. Our role extends beyond supplying equipment; we focus on empowering bakery teams with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in these new areas. Through AMFMethod and other resources, we offer comprehensive guidance on new production techniques and recipes, ensuring that your team is well-equipped to handle the intricacies of diverse bakery products. Our training programs are designed to enhance skill sets, ensuring that bakeries can adapt to new production methods with confidence and efficiency.

Navigate Market Trends with AMF and Expand Your Bakery’s Portfolio

We know that expanding your bakery portfolio is essential for a growing commercial bakery. That’s why we stay abreast of bakery trends and work to provide comprehensive solutions to help you adapt to market trends and consumer preferences. From traditional breads to artisan varieties, pizzas, and beyond, we are here to support your bakery’s expansion every step of the way. Reach out to an AMF representative today to learn how we can help expand your bakery’s product portfolio!


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