Commercial Bakery Equipment
from mixer to marketplace

Are you looking for ways to improve efficiency and quality in your bakery?

Our fully integrated production solutions can help you take your commercial bakery to the next level. We combine our master baker mindset with innovative, precision engineering to design custom solutions for every step of the baking process, from mixing to post-packaging. 

Our commercial baking equipment solutions feature best-in-class bakery equipment, ensuring unparalleled product quality at every production stage. 


Automated dough distribution, fermentation, and mixing tailored for a variety of recipes, consistencies, and batch sizes. Enhance the consistency and quality of your baked products with our state-of-the-art bakery equipment.

Cooling & Conveying

Sanitary, easily maintained cooling, freezing, pan and product handling, and conveying solutions for a variety of bakery configurations.


Consistent, accurate dough dividing, moulding, sheeting, laminating, and depositing systems for improved product quality.


Gentle slicing and bagging solutions optimized for the high-speed production of breads, buns, rolls, English muffins, and more.

Proofing & Baking

Continuous proofing and baking systems, step and rack proofers, modular tunnel ovens, and compact tray ovens ensure the most optimal proof and bake solution.


Efficient product loading, basket handling, basket washing and palletizing solutions to improve downstream line efficiency.

Parts & Upgrades

Beyond our comprehensive bakery production solutions, we offer parts and upgrade kits. These are designed for the repair and modernization of your bakery equipment, ensuring optimized efficiency and extended equipment lifespan.

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At AMF, the proof of our success is when our customers rise to the top. AMF is the only complete baking solutions provider with locations throughout North America and the world. We help bakeries minimize their risks and stay online with local service and support around the globe.

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