Repair & Modernization

Restore your bakery equipment to better than new conditions with AMF’s dedicated Repair & Modernization Group. Serving multiple manufacturer brands, our R&M Group provides point-by-point inspections, equipment rebuilds, upgrades, equipment relocations, and much more to improve the reliability, performance, and longevity of your existing bakery equipment.

Learn more about our comprehensive approach to optimizing your bakery with focused repair and modernization.

  • Mixers
  • Make-Up Systems
  • Templex Proofers
  • Continuous Proofers
  • Oven Upgrades
  • Tray & Tunnel Ovens
  • Continuous Ovens
  • Coolers
  • Post-Packaging Systems
  • Glen 340 Mixer Kit

  • Accumax Quarter Block Conversion Kit
  • Accumax Quick Clean Manifold Upgrades
  • Dough Imprinter Kits
  • ADD Dual Cut-off Conversion Kits
  • Rounder Bar Lift Kits
  • High Speed Cut-off Upgrade
  • FLEX Conversion Upgrade
  • AC Kicker Roller Conversion Upgrades
  • Twin Roll Cutter-Splitter Boards
  • Servo Rotary Hot Dog Kit Upgrade
  • Magnetic Pan Indexer Upgrade
  • PanelView Upgrades

993 Templex Rack Proofers
Baker Perkins, APV-Turkington

  • New Enclosure
  • New AC Unit/Duct Work
  • Infeed & Discharge Conveyor Conversion to Full Width Intralox® Conveyors
  • Adjustable Loader Bar
  • A/F Drive Upgrade
  • SST Unloader Cross Parts
  • New Control Panels

Continuous Proofers
Lanham, APV-Turkington, BakeTech

  • New Temperature & Humidity PLC
  • Quick Dump Exhaust Blowers
  • New Pan Gap Monitor & Misaligned Pan Detector
  • New Automatic Chain Oiler
  • Hydraulic to Electric Drive Conversion
  • Motorized Rotating Grid Cleaning Brush
  • Stronger Pan to Grid Magnets
  • New Proofer Enclosure
  • New Control Panel
  • New Chain Design
  • Hydraulic Conversion Kit For Oven Chain Take-Up Tensioner
  • Oven Rear Windows
  • Mercury Free Switches
  • Product Color Enhanced Control-Convert Coloraider System
  • New 24 Ounce Combustion Blower
  • Rear Trip Wire Safety
  • DSI Conversion
  • New Control Panels
  • AF Drive Conversion

935, 970, 980 Tray Ovens
Baker Perkins, APV Turkington, Vesta

960 Tunnel Ovens
Baker Perkins, APV Turkington, Peterson, Den Boer

  • Oven Relocation
  • Full Oven Rebuilds
  • Oven Extensions
  • Digital Temperature Controls
  • Infeed & Discharge Conveyor Conversion to Full Width Intralox® Conveyors
  • New Enclosures
  • Hydraulic & Electric Drive Conversion
  • Chain Cooler
  • Stronger Pan to Grid Magnet
  • New Automatic Chain Oiler
  • New Control Panel with PLC Touch Screen
  • Heat Intensifier Units
  • Baker Perkins 175
  • APV 1200
  • Pulver
  • Bottom-Out Unstacker Servo Upgrade
  • Product Orientor Loader Upgrades
  • Product Loader Basket Lift and Clamp Kit

Partnership Maintenance Plans

Plan your preventative maintenance program for the upcoming years with regularly scheduled visits by AMF’s certified technicians. AMF’s Partnership Maintenance Plans offer the lowest total cost of ownership through increased availability and reliability of your equipment.

Performance Evaluations

Request an on-site evaluation of your entire bakery from mixer to marketplace to optimize your production line. After a thorough analysis of system inefficiencies, AMF’s R&M Group provides a complete inspection report with parts or repair recommendations.

  • IMPROVE safety
  • STREAMLINE operations
  • MAXIMIZE efficiency
  • ENSURE equipment reliability
  • REDUCE waste
  • ELIMINATE downtime

OSHA Compliance

OSHA regulations mandate annual inspections of systems and facilities by a qualified equipment manufacturer. You can rely on AMF’s Repair & Modernization Group for safety inspections of your thermal systems with expert checks to keep your production bakery in compliance.

Inspections include:

  • Point by point checks on all safety devices and major systems
  • Benchmark profiles of your baking systems
  • OSHA compliant certification
  • Detailed safety inspection report

For more information, contact our Repair & Modernization Group at [email protected].

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