Achieving Sustainability Through Bakery Waste Reduction

In the commercial baking industry, waste not only affects the environment but also the bottom line of businesses. Reducing waste is not just an ecological imperative but also a financial one. AMF Bakery Systems is at the forefront of developing innovative solutions to address this challenge, offering advanced technologies that help bakeries minimize waste while enhancing sustainability and cost-efficiency.

Achieving Precise Scaling with AMF Flex

What is AMF Flex?

AMF Flex is a leading-edge technology designed to improve scaling accuracy and ensure consistent product quality in bakery production. It stands out with its industry-leading extrusion and volumetric dividing, rounding, and make-up systems. These systems are crucial in minimizing product giveaway and ingredient wastage, thereby playing a significant role in waste reduction​​​.

AMF Flex: A Closer Look

At its core, AMF Flex offers complete make-up systems for soft bread, bun, and roll production. Its user-friendly, recipe-driven Servo technology ensures unmatched scaling accuracy, especially vital for high-speed bun and roll production. The technology not only streamlines production but also significantly reduces ingredient waste​.

Smart Applicator: Revolutionizing Ingredient Handling

The AMF Tromp Smart Applicator is a groundbreaking solution in applying ingredients and toppings, pivotal in waste reduction in commercial baking. It leverages AI to automate manual operator weighing checks, enhancing accuracy, reducing labor, and minimizing giveaway. This intelligent system can handle various toppings like cheeses, proteins, and vegetables, ensuring precise application without operator handling.

Sheeting Line: Maximizing Ingredient Utilization

Sheeting Lines by AMF Tromp excel in handling dough and innovatively recycling scrap dough. This flexible and precise technology aids in reducing flour waste through advanced flour reclaim technology, further contributing to waste reduction efforts

The Bigger Picture: Integrating Waste Reduction Technologies for Sustainable Baking

Integrating technologies like AMF Flex makeup systems and the AMF Tromp Smart Applicator and sheeting lines into production processes supports  waste reduction in bakeries. This integration not only has economic benefits but also significantly contributes to environmental sustainability. AMF Bakery Systems is dedicated to reducing its operational environmental impact by 30% by 2030,

Future Prospects: Advancements in Waste Reduction Technologies

AMF Bakery Systems continuously innovates to develop sustainable products and services. These advancements aim to transform the baking industry towards net zero carbon emissions by 2050, with a focus on energy efficiency, resource conservation, and circular economy principles​.

Embarking on the Sustainable Baking Journey with AMF Bakery Systems

AMF Bakery Systems offers cutting-edge solutions that significantly contribute to sustainable baking practices. Embarking on a sustainable baking journey with AMF is a step towards a more eco-friendly, efficient, and profitable baking operation. By exploring and integrating AMF’s cutting-edge solutions into their production lines, bakeries can play a pivotal role in shaping a more sustainable future for the baking industry.


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