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What are AMF’s waste management features?

AMF Bakery Systems takes a multi-faceted approach to waste management in commercial baking, incorporating both hardware and software solutions to minimize waste effectively. One standout feature is AMF’s Smart Applicator, which is designed to reduce waste by precisely applying toppings like seeds and grains. This ensures that the right amount of topping is used, reducing both ingredient waste and the cost associated with overuse. Additionally, AMF’s sheeting lines are equipped with flour reclaim technology that captures excess flour and reintroduces it into the production process. This not only minimizes flour waste but also contributes to cost savings. AMF systems are also designed to reintegrate scrap dough back into the production line, thereby reducing waste and making the process more efficient.

On the software side, AMFConnect provides bakeries with real-time data to identify areas where waste can be reduced. This data-driven approach allows bakeries to make informed decisions that contribute to waste reduction.

In summary, AMF’s waste management features are thoughtfully integrated into both their equipment and software solutions, offering a comprehensive and effective approach to waste reduction in commercial baking.