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Can AMF’s equipment help me reduce ingredient wastage?

With AMF’s precision-engineered equipment, bakeries can achieve highly accurate ingredient scaling and mixing, ensuring that only the required amount of ingredients are used in each batch. This level of accuracy not only reduces ingredient wastage but also ensures consistent product quality.

AMF’s data-driven bakery systems also play a crucial role in reducing ingredient wastage. By providing real-time data and analytics, these systems allow bakeries to closely monitor ingredient usage and make adjustments as needed. This data-driven approach enables bakeries to optimize recipes and production processes, further reducing the likelihood of ingredient wastage. Examples of this include AMF Tromp Smart Applicator and Powershot Depositor, which both help to reduce waste in pizza production by helping bakeries apply the optimal amount of sauce and toppings to each pizza to reduce waste associated with over-applying these ingredients. 

In addition to essential equipment that helps bakeries monitor ingredient usage, AMF Tromp MultiVac Flour Reclaim System also helps bakeries using the AMF Accupan Bun System to reclaim and reuse flour in a hygienic way so that less flour is wasted during production. 

Moreover, AMF’s user-friendly, globally standard operator interface makes it easier for bakery teams to manage and control the production process, reducing the risk of human error that can lead to ingredient wastage.

By integrating AMF’s advanced equipment and systems into your bakery operations, you can significantly reduce ingredient wastage while maintaining high product quality and operational efficiency.