Europe’s Leading Dough Sheeting

Maximum product flexibility with unmatched accuracy for a variety of products.

Efficiency & Flexibility

Maximize the efficiency and flexibility of your bakery operations with AMF Tromp’s sheeting and laminating solutions, enabling your bakery to produce a wide range of products with varying shapes, sizes, decorations, and inclusions. Featuring toolless product changeover, AMF Tromp technologies feature intuitive recipe management systems. 

Sanitary Design

Engineered with the master baker in mind, AMF Bakery Systems’ dough sheeting and laminating technology is developed with a focus on sanitary design to facilitate easy and low-maintenance operation. The open-frame construction of our dough sheeting equipment allows for full wash-down sanitation, ensuring that hygiene standards are meticulously maintained.

Tromp Uni-Line

tromp uni-line make-up system

Universal make-up line for depositing various fillings like sausage rolls, apple turn-overs, D-shape, Chelsea bun, Pain au Chocolate, and much more.

Tromp Laminating Lines

Offering high-speed, stress-free or extrusion laminating for the production of croissants, pastries, danish, and puff pastry products.


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Stress-free Dough Sheeter

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Multi Roller

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Multi Roller SFA

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Cross Roller

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Two Roll Sheeter

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Two Roll Sheeter SFA

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Tromp Reduction Station

Standalone unit or integrated with a makeup line for reducing blocks of dough. Dough is reduced by means of a multi-roller, a cross-roller and a gauging stations to an end thickness of 4 mm (based on an in-feed thickness of 50 mm).

Tromp SF Sheeting Line

Offering high-speed, stress-free production of consistently moulded products for pizzas, flatbreads, pita, naan, swirl breads, and more.

Tromp Extruded (EX) Sheeting Line

Offering maximum product flexibility with unmatched accuracy across a wide range of pizzas, flatbreads, naan, and more.

Tromp SFA Sheeting Line

Offering high-speed, stress-free artisan bread production of consistently moulded products for premium baguettes, petite pan, ciabatta, tin bread, and more.

Tromp Fat & Butter Pump

tromp fat and butter pump

Reliable fat pump for laminating dough and folding the fat into the dough.

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