Improve line efficiency, reduce waste, and extend the life of your bakery equipment with the latest spare parts and upgrade kits. AMF’s Repair & Modernization teams also offer comprehensive equipment evaluations and partnership maintenance plans to ensure your plant continues to run at optimal efficiency while minimizing downtime.

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AMF Bakery Systems offers parts and upgrades for your mixers and flouring systems to maintain consistent dough quality throughout the life of your bakery.

Glen 340 Mixer Kit

Improve safety, performance, and reliability with various Glen 340 Mixer upgrades

Main Agitator Shaft Seal Upgrade Kit

Rotary face shaft seal reduces sanitation downtime and eliminates dough leakage on all OFM, OTBM, and OTBM mixers.

Maintain better scaling accuracy, improve sanitation, and optimize efficiency with parts and upgrades for your AMF makeup systems.

Accumax Divider Quarter Block Conversion Kit

Easily open and close ports for quick change-overs and more efficient cleaning.

A.C. Kicker Roller Conversion Upgrade Kit

Convert early Accupan bun lines from original Bonfiglioli gearmotor to newer SEW-Eurodrive gearmotor.

Accumax Quick Clean Manifold Upgrade

Improve sanitation and food safety with extra manifold access and cleanability.

ADD Dual Cutoff Conversion Kit

Convert your existing single-cutoff ADD to dual cut-off production for increased rates and alternate layouts.

ADD Dual Stainless-Steel Manifold Upgrade Kit

Replace your existing ADD-Dual poly-manifold with a stainless-steel version for improved sanitation and containment.

Adjustable Rounder Bar Assembly Kit

Produce wide range of stiff dough products with adjustable rounder bar solutions. Available in 4, 6, 8, & 9-across widths.

Aluminum Rounder Bar Upgrade

Improve rounding and reduce sticking by upgrading to coated-aluminum bars.

Breadline motorized Pressure Board for Straightline SMP

Improve bread moulding gently and efficiently with a new AMF motorized pressure board assembly.

Bread Rounder Bar Lift Kit for Inline Belt Rounder

Improve safety and sanitation with quick access and ease of operation.

Bun Rounder Bar Lift Kit

Improve safety and sanitation with quick access and ease of operation.

Chilled Rounder Retrofit Kit for Accupan Bun Rounders

Help prevent sticking and improve rounding by converting to a chilled bed on Accupan Rounders manufactured after 1999.

DoFlow Assembly Retrofit Upgrade Kit

Recondition your existing AMF DoFlow and bring it back to original operating condition.

DoFlow Paddle & Screw Conversion Kit

Improves service life of DoFlows built between 2004 – 2006 via improved seal and bearing designs.

Dough Imprinter Kits

Create a variety of bun and roll impressions on bun production systems for more unique product designs.

Dual Metering Pump Upgrade Kit

Improve scaling accuracy on ADD Dividers while reducing waste, sanitation and maintenance time, and overall process costs.

Flour Sifter Upgrade Kit

Improve flour application and product coverage on existing bun and bread machine applications.

HBD-Flex Divider Conversion Upgrade Kit

Convert existing HBD divider to HBDFlex using AMF Flex technology for accurate dividing and optimal quality.

HBD/SBD Divider High Speed Cut-Off Upgrade

Increase production and improve reliability with the High-Speed Cut-off Kit, designed to replace existing linkage-based cut-offs for 4, 6, and 8-across dividers.

K-Head Cylinder Kit

Restore K-Head Divider performance to original condition with a complete cylinder replacement upgrade.

K-Head Quick Change Cutoff Kit

Enables quick changeover of cut-off assembly with individual wire tensioning for accurate product release.

KRDlle, SBD, HBD, Quick-Clean Manifold Upgrades

Improve sanitation and food safety with extra manifold access and cleanability.

K-Head Mist Collector Upgrade Kit

Increase safety and improve sanitation by collecting oil mist produced from K-Head operation.

Magnetic Pan Pre-Indexer Upgrade Kit

Improve panning performance on existing bun lines equipped with magnetic pan indexers.

Moulder Board Assembly Upgrade

Produce new or improve existing quality of moulded roll products.

Moulder Board Hoist/Life Upgrade Kit

Address safety concerns and reduce change-over time.

PanelView Upgrade Kit

Pre-programmed operator Interface upgrades enhance machine information and diagnostics.

Pushback Upgrade Kit for SBD, HBD, ADD Dividers

Automate movement of divider for ease of operation and injury prevention.

Replacement Sheeter Assembly with Servo Rotary Gate

Improve sheeting alignment, reduce product cripples, and reduce air consumption on AMF bun lines.

Servo Magnetic Pan Indexer Upgrades

Increases panning performance, efficiency, and reduces cripples by utilizing the latest servo technology.

Servo Rotary Hot Dog Gate Upgrade Kit

Improve panning accuracy, reduce product cripples, and reduce air consumption on AMF bun lines.

Servo Rotary Zig-Zag Gate Kit

Improves accuracy of dough transfer to proofer with reduced air consumption and operating noise.

Sheeter Head Assembly Upgrade

Improve flour dusting and sheeting application with Teflon coated sheeter roller scrapers and sanitary aluminum frame.

Twin Roll Cutter-Splitter Boards

Double roll production output for smaller products while maintaining lower divider cut rates.

Vector Upgrade Kit

Improve scaling and increase efficiency while reducing maintenance and downtime on existing SBD, ADD, and HBD Dividers.

Waukesha Pump Conversion Kit

Convert early ADD and KRD dividers with older #134 pumps and integrated gearboxes to new pump and gearmotor.

Zig-Zag Flour Reclaim Upgrade Kit

Improve working conditions, machine cleanliness, and save money via flour recovery and re-usage.

AMF Bakery Systems offers repair and modernization for a wide range of proofing and baking systems and unit equipment to improve the performance of your existing systems while helping you pinpoint potential safety issues or inefficiencies. AMF’s Repair and Modernization Group also provides annual inspections to help you stay in compliance with OSHA regulations. Our experts check on critical safety areas, helping you avoid insurance issues, while providing a detailed Oven Safety Inspection Report.

Endless Drive Replacement Kits

Three drive kit options available for BakeTech Continuous Oven Systems.

Hydraulic Conversion Kit For Oven Chain Take-Up Tensioner

Upgrade your existing oven chain tensioner, achieve exact tension adjustment, and improve lubrication while reducing chain wear and energy consumption. Available as an upgrade for a variety of ovens.

BakeTech Oven Light Holder Replacement Kit

New standard design and retrofit oven light replacement kit for BakeTech Ovens keeps all fiber glass in place while maintaining functionality to preventing breakdown of expoxy and eliminating product contamination.

AMF Bakery Systems offers parts and upgrades for your bread and bun packaging systems to improve efficiencies in downstream processes.

Saber Slicer Felt Upgrade

Improve oiling performance with durable, rip-resistant felt replacement kit for Saber Slicers and Combo Slicer Bagger.

Saber Slicer Pre-assembled Chain Kit


Reduces downtime with pre-assembled infeed and discharge chains and flight replacement kits.

Mark Bagger Pre-assembled Chain Kit


Reduces downtime with pre-assembled infeed, flusher, and discharge chains and flight replacement kits.

AMF Bakery Systems offers parts and upgrades for your basket and distribution systems to improve efficiencies in downstream processes.

Bottom-Out Unstacker Servo Upgrade

Upgrade to current technology for improved performance, better reliability, and higher efficiency.

Product Orientor Loader Upgrades

Performance enhancing upgrades available for Window Belt, Disc Turner, Pusher, Operator Interface, and PLC.

Product Loader Basket Lift and Clamp Kit

Incorporates the latest basket lift and clamp technology on early Pulver style product loaders.

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