Sheeted Or Pressed Pizza Perfection. Artisan-Style Flatbreads.

Pizza and flatbreads. Pinsa and wraps. Pitas and naan.


AMF Bakery Systems’ dough sheeting and doughball technologies specialize in the production of artisan-style flatbreads, sheeted and pressed pizzas, pitas, tortilla products, and more. Work alongside our dough process experts to produce professionally crafted sheeted or pressed pizzas, flatbreads, pitas, and tortilla products. Our pizza production systems allow for targeted decoration and topping capabilities, so you can customize your pizzas to delight customers’ senses. Leverage reliable, flexible baking solutions to achieve premium product quality for thin-and-crispy or thick crust products. 

Complete system solutions

With AMF Bakery Systems’ custom and turnkey pizza production solutions, you can scale your bakery’s production while maintaining product quality and consistency. 


Q: What AMF equipment solutions are ideal for commercial pizza and flatbread production?

AMF offers best-in-class equipment solutions specifically engineered for the commercial production of pizza and flatbreads. AMF Fusion’s horizontal batch mixers initiate our pizza and flatbread…

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Q: How does AMF’s technology ensure quality and consistency in pizza and flatbread production?

AMF's technology ensures quality and consistency in pizza and flatbread production through sophisticated integrated systems that meticulously control every phase of the manufacturing process. Our…

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