AMF Vesta delivers a range of proofing, baking, cooling, and freezing solutions for industrial bakers across a growing range of product types and sizes. Designed with simple sanitation and maintenance in mind, AMF Vesta technologies offer consistent reliability with minimal downtime for the industry’s premier bakers.

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The Cost-Benefit of Modernizing Proofing and Baking Systems
Whether scaling output or simply seeking more efficient processes, commercial bakeries can lower expenses and increase margins by implementing new and innovative thermal technologies. With that considered, the benefits of modernizing proofer and oven systems must offset the cost of implementation with gains in throughput, energy usage, and labor efficiencies without sacrificing quality. Read on […]


Choosing Your Oven System
AMF Bakery Systems has been pioneering the commercial baking industry with the most advanced baking solutions for over a century. Our complete thermal portfolio ensures that we are finding the best baking solution for your production needs. All of AMF’s thermal technologies are part of a complete system solution, ensuring seamless operation from mixer to […]

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