Automated Bakery Basket Stacking
& Tray Stacking Solutions

Complete basket stacking equipment and tray stacking solutions offer your bakery more reliability and reduced manual labor.

Improved Efficiencies

With a continuous, fully automated bakery basket handling systems, you can accurately and consistently stack up to 28 baskets per minute and unstack and convey up to 40 baskets per minute. Our fully automated bakery basket stacking technology seamlessly integrates with AMF’s complete basket handling solutions and works with all basket types to reduce labor costs and improve plant safety. Made with less parts and with quality materials and components gives your bakery high performance, minimum maintenance, and longevity. 

Better Basket Control

Servo-driven technology offers the smoothest operation along the basket handling line. Intuitive touchscreen displays enable easy recipe-change or basket-driven changeover. User-friendly, ergonomic design offers menu-driven controls for easy operation and self-monitoring system tools to improve quality and efficiency. Stacking level can be preset to a specific count and automatically discharged for consistent stack height.

Local Support,

At AMF, the proof of our success is when our customers rise to the top. AMF is the only complete baking solutions provider with locations throughout North America and the world. We help bakeries minimize their risks and stay online with local service and support around the globe.

Basket Pre-Stacker

AMF’s Pre-stacker can be integrated with your current basket handling system or AMF’s servo driven basket stacker.

Bottom-Up Basket Stacker

Accurate, consistent and automated stacking up to 28 baskets per minute for all types of baskets.

Basket Renester

More information coming soon!

Basket Denester

Servo technology automatically separates cross-nested baskets after being discharged from an AMF Bottom-Out Basket Unstacker, up to 34 baskets per minute.

Bottom-Out Basket Unstacker

Accurate, consistent unstacking up to 40 baskets per minute for standard nested or cross-nested baskets.

Plastic Tray Unstacker

Automatically unstacks plastic shipping trays to feed product loaders. Self-monitoring system prevents doubles or damaged trays from entering the system.

Basket Orienting Unit

Automated basket orienting solution for every other previously cross-nested basket, in a single direction and continuous flow, reducing manual labor and improving plant safety. Suitable for all basket types.

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