Bakery Production Solutions
from mixer to marketplace

At AMF Bakery Systems, we are committed to providing the best bakery production solutions for both retail and industrial bakeries worldwide.

From mixer to marketplace, our best-in-class unit equipment and complete system solutions ensure the highest quality for a wide variety of baked goods.

Soft Bread & Buns

Our flexible soft bread, bun, roll, and English muffin systems set the industry standard. These systems incorporate the proven accuracy of FLEX extrusion dividers with the highest sanitary designs, ensuring maximum product consistency and quality with simple operation.

Artisan Bread & Rolls

Achieve artisan-quality baguettes, ciabatta, focaccia, and more with the industry’s leading high-speed sheeting technology. Our industry-leading sheeting technology guarantees quality and consistency in your production process. 

Pizza & Flatbreads

Our dough process experts work alongside you to produce expertly crafted sheeted or pressed pizzas, flatbreads, pita, and tortilla products. We provide solutions tailored to your specific product requirements to generate optimal results. 

Cakes & Pies

Control every step of the baking process from air circulation to depositing and decorating with the gentleness needed for optimal quality and consistency in a variety of cakes, muffins, and scrap-less pie products. 

Pastries & Croissants

Increase production capacity, uniformity, and quality with our best-in-class laminating, baking, and cooling systems for pastries and croissants. Our gentle handling approach ensures consistent quality, and our solutions are tailored to your bakery’s unique requirements.

Connected, Efficient,

At AMF, the proof of our success is when our customers rise to the top. AMF is the only complete baking solutions provider with locations throughout North America and the world. We help bakeries minimize their risks and stay online with local service and support around the globe.

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