Sustainable Oven Service

AMF identified four current key issues in the bakery industry, that lead to the development of the Sustainable Oven Service:

  1. Product margins under pressure due to fast increasing natural gas prices
  2. More need to invest in efficiency due to increasing CO2 emission regulations
  3. Increasing scarcity of expert bakers and factory operators
  4. Customers demand more focus on sustainability in long-term partnerships

The Sustainable Oven Service (SOS) is a new AMF oven feature, that helps bakers and operators improve efficiency, quality, and reduce the energy usage of your ovens.

Over the years, AMF has collected oven-data all over the world and built an extensive knowledge database with over 100 years of experience in oven building and maintenance. All this knowledge is now captured in the Sustainable Oven Service and is used to make your oven smart and connected. It combines data analytics, artificial intelligence, and personal advice from our AMF oven experts. This service provides the operator with expert recommendations on improving the oven to its optimal configuration. The feature is now standard on all new AMF Den Boer ovens, but can also be retrofitted on other non-AMF brands.

The SOS results in:

  1. Saving up to 20% on natural gas
  2. Reducing CO2 emissions by up to 20%
  3. Reducing waste
  4. Improving product quality and consistency



The Sustainable Oven Service continuously monitors how your ovens are used and how they are performing. Through recommendations in our web portal, we assist you to achieve optimal baking conditions in an energy efficient way. There are four types of recommendations:


Achieve an optimal temperature distribution and baking curve in your oven.

Vapor exhaust

Find and maintain the right balance between vapor exhaust and heat retainment.


Securing consistency in baking conditions by maintaining a consistent product flow.


Personal tailor-made recommendations from our experienced AMF oven experts.

Tunnel oven data brings immediate value 

Real-time tunnel oven data will be used to do immediate analysis and improve your efficiency, output, energy usage, and baking performance. Using artificial intelligence and advanced data algorithms, your oven becomes smart and sustainable. Optimal configurations are easy to obtain with this new AMF service for tunnel and continuous ovens.

Energy-efficient baking with Sustainable Oven Service 

Today’s and future energy challenges, like increasing natural gas prices, will impact bakeries and food producers all over the world.  Sustainability goals and energy efficient baking make sure the plants become more sustainable when it comes to emissions and environmental footprint. AMF has strategic goals to help bakeries, by offering smart and sustainable products and services. We invest in digital and smart technologies that bring value to our customers by using data-driven solutions. Our suite of Bakery Intelligence products is fully data-driven and will increase your (baking) results, efficiency, OEE, productivity, and more. These products contribute to AMF’s future vision of a fully automated lights-out bakery.   

Personnel scarcity will no longer be a problem in future bakeries, when the machines become smarter and more self-sufficient through machine learning and smart services. We turn operators into bakers. 

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Expert knowledge

Capturing 100 years of experience in the Sustainable Oven Service. 

Artificial Intelligence

Turn operators into bakers by using expert knowledge and artificial intelligence.


Make your oven connected and turn data into value. 

  • Sustainable Oven Service
  • Pressure cooker oven tuning
  • Quarterly review
  • Scorpion run

Up to 20% savings on natural gas use in tunnel and bakery ovens

This new feature makes your oven ‘connected’ and combines data analytics, artificial intelligence, and personal advice from our AMF oven experts to give the operator expert recommendations on improving the oven to its optimal configuration. It is standard on all new AMF Den Boer ovens. 

Intensive collaboration leads to immediate results

After onboarding the oven in the Sustainable Oven Service and running a one-month benchmark period, we start a two-month pressure cooker. In this period, we start an intensive collaboration where our customer receives immediate recommendations, weekly reports, and bi-weekly calls with AMF oven experts, that provide immediate results in their process. Final recommendations are reported at the end of the pressure cooker period. 

Extensive analysis and insights by an oven expert team with over 100 years of knowledge

The senior oven expert has quarterly meetings with customers to advise on a personal level and discuss the extensive reporting of analyzed oven data. A combination of in-depth customer knowledge and knowledge of the installed ovens are the added value of this service and personal touch by AMF experts.  

Data logging brings so much more insights than just gut-feeling

The scorpion run is an advanced complementary data logging and analyzing service, on top of existing oven data, that provides additional in-depth insights. The scorpion run consists of a sensor bank with multiple sensors that is placed in between the products during the baking process. Offering a broader look at all parameters in the oven, like humidity and multiple other sensory information. The smart sensor technology in this data logger will provide a 3-dimensional image of the oven. Resulting in fast insight into valuable data, to make considered decisions for better baking results.

Innovative digital baking solutions 

AMF has over 100 years of experience in professional baking and keeps on investing in innovations. Digital and smart technology make tunnel ovens more sustainable than they are today. Energy consumption and CO2 emission are key themes for many bakers, and we heard your call for solutions.  With global coverage and local and remote expert teams, we are always close by to rise together in sustainability. 

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