Modular, Pre-Assembled Industrial Tunnel Ovens

Building a complete commercial oven system for a diverse set of products requires more than manufacturing and process control. This level of bakery automation demands intelligent design and an understanding of the complete baking process, and a world of experience. With over 100 years of thermal engineering expertise, AMF Bakery Systems brings you the proven technology of Den Boer Tunnel Ovens.

  • Modular Design For Efficient Delivery and Installation
  • Independent Zone Control for Precise Temperature Control
  • Optimum Price/Quality Ratio
  • Maximum Reliability Throughout The Life of Your Industrial Oven

The most striking aspect of the Multibake® Tunnel Ovens by AMF Den Boer is the modular design. These modular oven types ensure flexibility as you grow your product portfolio. The pre-assembled modules enable quick turnaround time with more efficient installation and customized design for the most optimal heat transfer for your product.

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Multiple Oven Belt Options

Products are baked and transported on one of five belt options including: wire mesh belt, steel belt, strip belt, stone belt, or lamella belt. Belt widths are between 600 mm and 4000 mm with multiple configurations.


Hydrogen Zero-Emission

Multibake® VITA Tunnel Oven is the industry’s only zero emission hydrogen fueled tunnel oven.

Tunnel Oven

Multibake® D Tunnel Oven, required heat is created by means of modulating multi-ribbon gas burners.

Tunnel Oven

Multibake® H Tunnel Oven is heated by means of several types of heat transfer combinations.

Air Impingement

Multibake® I is an indirect fired tunnel oven that employs hot air to upper and lower side of the product.

Radiant & Cyclotherm

The Multibake® R Tunnel Oven is an indirectly heated oven (Radiation) for industrial bakeries.

Electric Tunnel Oven

The Multibake® E Tunnel Oven is an electrically heated oven for industrial bakeries.

Tunnel Oven

The Multibake® IR Infrared Tunnel Oven offers toasting, melting, and drying for a variety of products.

High Temperature

The Multibake® HT Tunnel Oven is a high temperature oven for pre-baked products like pizza, flatbreads, naan.

Dual Fuel Tunnel Oven Options

Multibake®R and Multibake®I each have a dual fuel option to minimize downtime and reduce waste.

Deck Tunnel Oven

Simply designed, direct-fired Swing-Tray Oven suitable for all common gas types with gas safety tools.

Custom Design Tunnel Oven

Specially designed industrial tunnel ovens, production ovens or band ovens to meet your specific product needs. Allow our team to guide you through the design process for the most optimal oven configuration, bake times, moisture, humidity levels, and belt types.

Unparalleled Service

Every second counts when production stops, that’s why AMF Den Boer Tunnel Ovens are supported with technical service support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Our team of trained service personnel and thermal experts can be reached for technical assistance, spare parts delivery, preventative maintenance, training, rebuilds, relocations, and virtual or on-site service.


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