Deck Tunnel Oven –
Swing Tray Oven

The Swing-Tray Oven by AMF Den Boer is a direct-fired oven, suitable for all common gas types and equipped with the most modern gas safety equipment. An extensive range of baking products can be processed in this oven. The operation of the oven is simple and clear.

  • Fast Control
  • Baking Curve Best Couple Fit for Bread and Buns
  • Small Footprint for Medium Size Baker
  • Easy Operation Automatic or Manual

Durable Oven Construction

The baking space is constructed as a steam-tight steel box around which an exterior cladding is also fitted. Expansion of the baking space and any heat stress thus have no influence on the outer lining of the oven. The entire baking space is insulated with a thick layer of insulation material. The baking space is divided into top and bottom by a horizontal partition. The baked product passes through the top baking space from front to back and then the bottom baking space from back to front. On the operating side, optionally left or right, it is possible to assess the baked goods at the end of the baking process through the oven door. The side walls of the outer casing are easily removable.

Stability Meets Safety

Baked Goods Carrier

The Swing-Trays are made up of a hollow tube profile beam with regularly spaced strips that support the baking tins. The swings are suspended with pins on both sides in an endless conveyor chain.  

The chain is equipped with rollers, which gives a minimum of resistance and wear to the chain and rails. The suspension point of the swings is so high above the baking surface, so that sufficient stability is obtained. For the sake of extra certainty and prevention of jamming of the swings the swings are stabilized. 

Heating System

A sufficient number of gas burners are located below and above the swings, respectively for the floor and crown heating. The gas is completely and evenly distributed over the entire burner length. The burners are made of special profile tube, in which the burner port is formed by a pack of corrugated stainless steel strips. The burner is protected against flame impact and has a long service life.  

Each burner can be ignited separately, so that both the crown and the underfloor heating can be controlled over the entire length of the tray and at any desired location. The fully automatic and according to regulations fitted gas protection of the oven means, among other things, that the baking space is flushed with air for some time before the gas supply to the burners is released.  

In the event of a power or gas supply failure, the auction valve automatically shuts off the gas supply. Restart, after rinsing the oven, is then necessary. 

Steam Supply and Vapour Exhaust

Depending on the products to be baked, two versions of Steam Supply are possible. In the event that steamed bread is to be baked, the oven is provided with a steam chamber in which steam is released for an adjustable period of time by way of a time relay. In this version, the oven is equipped with an automatic door. If not steam baking, the oven is equipped with a simple steam pipe at the entrance of the oven.  For Vapour Exhaust, the extractor slider and extractor hood are connected to the horizontal tube that lies under the oven cover. The flue gases are extracted by a fan through an ascending pipe and blown into the chimney through a wider ascending pipe. 


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Soft Hot Dog and
Hamburger Buns
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